Unrest - Bloody Voodoo Night
Point Music
Accept Metal
11 songs (43'10)
Release year: 2001
Point Music
Reviewed by Danny

After the excellent Cold Steel Whisper, Unrest is back with Bloody Voodoo Night that follow their live album Restless and Live.

Unrest have changed their lineup. Two members from the previous record are still in the band ; the singer Sönke Lau & Claus Wiechert, (guitar). This Bloody Voodoo Night has been fully written by Claus Wiechert and their new album is in direct line with their previous work. For our readers who don't know Unrest, let's say this band sound exactly like Accept (early years). Sönke Lau, with his Blacky Lawless style, is Unrest's trademark.

I am a big fan of Cold Steel Whisper (previous studio album) and this Bloody Voodoo Night is also good. Songs are again excellent (what a song writing !!!) and like it is always the case with Unrest, you headband naturally and play with your invisible guitar. Songs like Straight To My Heart, Run Through The Night or Runaway get printed in your memory on first play.

Another thing that get printed immediately in your brain is the drum. I don't know who has produced the drum sound, but what a bad work : sometimes it sound like a computer-drum (is it ?) and sometimes its sound again natural. What a shame because once you noticed that, your brain get freeze on the drum .... Excellent songs (again and again!) and the production is not at the "rendez-vous". I still cannot understand why Unrest doesn't invest more in their production.

On the other hand, I know this band is quite unlucky. Since the beginning, Unrest delivers excellent records and nobody give them any attention (outside Germany). This must be very frustrating. This Bloody Voodoo Night won't changed anything, but if you are fans of Accept, the whole discography of Unrest becomes a must .... this one included.

Killing Songs :
Straight To My Heart, Run Through The Night, Runaway
Danny quoted 79 / 100
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