Goblin Cock - Come With Me If You Want To Live
Robcore Records
Stoner / Doom Metal
10 songs (32:17)
Release year: 2009
Goblin Cock, Robcore Records
Reviewed by Khelek

Goblin Cock is a band that will give you more than you expect. Their debut album was an unusual mix of stoner and doom metal with some drone influences that was quite an entertaining listen. After four years Rob Crow and company have put together another strange and humorous mix that incorporates most of the same musical elements as before, but with some changes that really focus their talent.

The intro track, Hissless, is soft and otherworldly, and creates a sort of spooky atmosphere with acoustic guitars and keyboards. Loch then comes in with some mid-paced guitar riffing in the familiar groove/stoner style. It's pretty catchy and the clean vocals of Rob Crow go great with the music. The lyrics are once again poetic and surreal. Big Up Your Willies starts out slow and drone-like, but the tempo changes throughout the song, giving it back some of the stoner feel along with the weird electronic sounds and sluggish, down-tuned guitars. We Got A Bleeder is a faster song that continues in the same style of the album, but it is catchier and doesn't have as many tempo changes as the previous song. The video for this song can be viewed on their Myspace and it is nothing short of hilarious. Throughout the rest of the album they alternate between faster stoner songs and some slower drone/doom type songs, each one sounding unique yet still flowing with the rest of the album. Tom's Song For (T.O.F.) is one of my favorite songs on the album, and really shows what this band is capable of. It has everything a good song should have: energy, emotion, and creativity. It starts out with some great acoustic guitar work and the clean vocals, then some heavy electric riffs come in that create an atmosphere of heaviness tinged with melancholy. This is really great stuff and it shows that the band can be a bit more serious and still sound excellent.

I think this album sounds a lot more focused than the last one. All the songs sound different and unique but I think that for the most part they flow together well despite their quirkiness. For one thing the vocals on this album are definitely more consistent. Vocalist Rob Crow moves away from the harsher shouted vocals on this album, which I see as positive since his clean voice really is excellent. However there were some times I felt that the music could have used a bit more of an aggressive edge on the vocals, especially in some of the faster songs. They still have no problem experimenting with different sounds and they do it frequently throughout the album, such as throwing in some weird electronic synths or audio samples from who knows where (e.g. Mylar, Trying To Get Along With Humans). It definitely makes for an interesting listen. I consider this to be a step up for the band as they seem to be more focused and less random on this album, while still remaining very unique. The end result is an album that is somewhat weird, but can be enjoyed time and time again. These guys bring a great sense of humor to metal that I think makes their music that much better. It might take a couple listens, but I think everyone can find something to really like about this album.

Killing Songs :
Big Up Your Willies, We Got A Bleeder, Ode To Billy Jack, Tom's Song For (T.O.F.)
Khelek quoted 85 / 100
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