Fast Land - Planet Earth
Solara, Phon AG
Hard & Blues
10 songs (40'25)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny

Switzerland is well known for its chocolate and watches. It is also the country of Krokus, Paganini, China, Gotthard, Shakra or Crystal Ball. Rock and Hard Rock is very fashionable in our country and Fast Lane is more or less following Gotthard path. Much more groovy compare to Gotthard and finding its inspiration in the "old rock" (mainly the 60's & 70's), Fast Lane is a talented trio reminding sometimes Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin.

I personally like faster rhythm, but I have to admit that songs like Trouble Man or Wanna Tell You are really cool and remind you so much the 70's. Two "bluesy-rock" songs waking up my Deep Purple souvenirs. However, Fast Lane deliver us too many boaring moments to get fully excited on this Planet Earth. These musicians are talented, but if I can give them a piece of advice it will be this one :"Leave your Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple influences at home when you go back in studio. I am sure you can create a much more personal music".

Planet Earth contains also Madonna's Frozen hit, an untipical cover "à la" Fast Lane. When a song is well written, every style goes to it, but sorry guys, I prefer the original one. The ballad Just The Way You Wanted (acoustic guitar only) is cool, but doesn't save this Planet Earth.

Fast Lane's first shot is good, but if they want to come out from the woods, there is still lot of work to be done ... and more risk to be taken.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 65 / 100
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