M.G.R y Destructo Swarmbots - Amigos de la Guitarra
Neurot Recordings
1 songs (42'05")
Release year: 2009
Neurot Recordings
Reviewed by Adam
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One of the great things about music is that is entirely up to the listener what to value and what to make of any given genre or band. For instance, in the broad and varied genre of post-rock and ambient, I have always valued music that works best in a dark room with headphones on as I drift off to sleep, a soundtrack to my serene slumber if you will. I don’t always need a lot of bells and whistles, just a simple but effective calm atmosphere. After a few late night listens, I would have to say that Amor en el Aire, the lone track on the debut of M.G.R. y Destructo Swarmbots fits this description quite effectively.

As our Spanish speaking readers no doubt gathered from the band name, M.G.R. y Destructo Swarmbots is nothing more than a collaboration of two post-rock and ambient acts: Isis guitarist Mike Gallagher’s solo side project M.G.R. (short for Mustard Gas and Roses) and Mike Mare of Destructo Swarmbots (who previously remixed an Isis track on the Oceanic remixes compilation). The resulting album, Amigos de la Guitarra (Friends of the Guitar for you English speaking folk) produces the 42 minute single track Amor en el Aire (Love is in the Air). This isn’t GY!BE style crescendo driven post-rock, as the Mikes opt for a desolate and sparse approach, devoid of all but guitars and ambient effects. By that sentence, I do not mean to imply that there is no atmosphere present, just that it is of a different kind. 42 minutes of ambience can be a tough pill for many to swallow, but the guys did an admirable job of keeping my interest. The overall feeling is probably best described as sounding like the backdrop of post-apocalyptic scenes, as there is an empty and lost vibe to the melodies. Perhaps its just the fact that this album coincides with my playing of Fallout 3, but nonetheless when I close my eyes and listen to the bleak guitars of the first moments and those of the latter portions, I cannot help but envision a montage of barren, dusty wastelands. My only gripe would be the extended periods of static and feedback. When accompanying guitars, these effects can enhance the experience, but by themselves they can only carry the day for a short time, not the 5-6 minute stretches you will find on Amor en el Aire.

I suspect that some will chide this album as background noise, but I think it more than accomplishes what I wanted and expected from it. Whether or not the guys intended this collaboration to produce dark, soothing melodies that are great for relaxing the listener and preparing them for a night’s rest I cannot tell you, but that is precisely what they given me with Amigos de la Guitarra. I would encourage fans of post-rock or ambient music, in any of its variations, to give this one a shot.
Killing Songs :
Amor en el Aire
Adam quoted 75 / 100
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