Dark Quarterer - War Tears
Inline Records
Epic-Progressive Heavy Metal
8 songs (49:38)
Release year: 1995
Dark Quarterer
Reviewed by Thomas
Archive review

As you have probably discovered by my reviewing the last couple of weeks, I’m a big fan of the Italian “founders of epic-progressive” Dark Quarterer. Seven years passed from the incredible moment that was The Etruscan Prophecy, up until this which would be their only release for fourteen long and tormenting years. War Tears was released in 1995 and was only their third release, despite being around for nearly thirty years according to some sources. War Tears was maybe Dark Quatrterer’s most experimental release to date, and was quite possibly the release that earned them the progressive-brand fully. They do however not let go of what so lively colored them in the eighties, and although the mid-nineties were a rough time for metal which lay there like a wounded beast. Dark Quarterer never succumbed to the ugliness and dirty business conducted during those dark times, and with this released another strikingly complete album, which of course remains to this day relatively unnoticed.

It’s hard to decide which album by these guys I like best. Because my favorite changes faster than Axl Rose can say Chinese Democracy. War Tears is another brilliant album released by the skillful Italian trio. As I mentioned earlier, they explore new musical territories as sudden tempo-shifts are more audible, lengthy intro’s that consists of say, a pleasing drum solo, chilling speeches or tolling bells. Even though they’re experimenting like there was no tomorrow, they’re still faithful to their roots. They combine this new direction with the other-worldly heavy metal riffs that’ll explode in your face at any time as well as the slow and crushing rhythms of doom. They’re balancing everything equally, and even though I wouldn’t have anything against an album complete with Dark Quarterer-doom, they mix this up perfectly. As the perfect Darkness lulls you into mental armageddon, the title-track will make your mind implode with sheer joy due to the blessed rhythms, flawless melodies and the fantastic riffs. At the same time, Nepi’s stellar vocals hasn’t changed one bit, as his high-pitched wails completes the puzzle.

There are few bands that master the art of epic heavy metal loaded with NWOBHM and audible progressive elements. I have actually yet to hear, except for some old Manilla Road maybe, a band that can manage to reach these guys to the knees. They’re distinct and versatile when it comes to song-writing as well as pouring themselves completely into the performance and adding that particular distinctive stamp that so many other bands seem to lack. There are not many bands left that remain to this day with those characteristics. Dark Quarterer has been around for over forty years, yet they have only released five albums. There are reasons for that, one of them being that when they make an album, they impregnate and color it down to the last detail. They don’t unleash the piece of art onto the public until they’re perfectly satisfied with it themselves. Nowadays, soulless bands roam the entire genre leaving albums that is interesting for two spins at the most before they end up in the pile of pebbles. Very few make it to the chest containing gems such as Dark Quarterer, The Etruscan Prophecy and War Tears.

Now, if you haven’t gone and checked this out after reading three overly positive reviews, then it’s about time you do. Dark Quarterer is one of the finest.

Killing Songs :
All, yet War Tears and Darkness is the best.
Thomas quoted 93 / 100
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