Ashent - Deconstructive
Lion Music
Progressive Metal
12 songs ()
Release year: 2009
Lion Music
Reviewed by Thomas

Hmm, another Italian progressive metal band that isn’t completely shit. I must admit that I’m fairly impressed by all the quality prog bands Lion Music manage to distribute. Earlier this year we’ve been introduced to incredible albums from both Astra and Farhter Paint, and now, when the grass is getting greener, and the last hint of snow is melting Ashent reveals a distinct presence within the progressive metal universe. According to the band themselves, they were focusing on a permanent removal from power metal, a process which begun already on their 2006-debut Flaws of Elation. They also make it clear that they want to prove themselves as mature songwriters, which are able to compose something special. While they’ve more or less succeeded on that part, there are on the other hand other things to frown upon.

Deconstructive starts off with the explosive Sinking Beneath, which makes it clear where the band is heading from the start. With occasional growls used as backing vocals, they clearly want to make a statement as a band that are able to mix up different genres. Melodic death metal in this case, and while it sounds odd and misplaced at one hand, they’re definitely creating a spark that’ll catch your attention. The blazing leads, both guitar and keyboard, are definite highlights here without standing put in particular. The real attention-grabber is the excellent vocal-work of Steve Braun. His voice is thin yet powerful enough to bring down mountains. Some of the melodies he creates, like on the shredding Cassandra is reminding me of label-mates Seventh Wonder, which definitely isn’t a bad thing, as they released one of the strongest prog albums last year.

In short, Deconstructive< can be described as progressive metal with power metal stylings decorated with hints of melodeath and gothic metal. The atmosphere created by the keys, the mood set by the dark melodies and the somewhat aggressive and sometimes depressing yet beautiful vocal melodies makes for an entertaining listen that doesn’t bring much new to the scene. The usual tempo variations and shredding arrangements are all there, as well as the stellar production and flawless performance that prog bands are often recognized by nowadays. The only thing they fail at, which is stated clearly by the band, is to create their own personality. Listeners and fans demand much more before branding a bands as original, and Ashent just aren’t there yet despite their obvious influences from other genres, non-metal as well as metal. Then again, who doesn’t appreciate a good prog band when they hear one? Original or not? Well, I sure am, and considering this is only Ashent’s second outing, they’ve established a solid foundation for later releases with the rock solid Deconstructive.

If you’re on the hunt for something new and refreshing, this may not be the band for you. However, if you like your prog band a little mixed up with a distinct sound, various entertaining arrangements, blistering riffs and leads, and an outstanding vocal performance, you should definitely not look past this when it’s released in the near future. Recommended.

Killing Songs :
Sinking Beneath, Imperfect, Cassandra
Thomas quoted 80 / 100
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