Diabolical - Synergy
Scarlet Records
Death / Thrash
8 songs (34'45)
Release year: 2001
Diabolical, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

Only 6 months after the release of their successful Desert Of Desolation, Diabolical are now back with a more aggressive death / thrash record called Synergy. Recorded at Studio Underground (Terror 2000, Carnal Forge) in August 2000, Synergy is a bit different from what the Swedish scene usually delivers.

Diabolical have developed their own sound mixing different influences (Carcass, At The Gates, Soilwork ?) into a rough and aggressive death / thrash metal. Vocals are quite clear for this type of metal style and the rhythmic is very heavy. Aggressive, yet melodic and technical death / thrash metal performed by skilled musicians. I am really impressed by Diabolical who delivers here a lesson of quality.

This is their first full length record (Desert Of Desolation is a MCD) and this is a very nice start. A must for all death / thrash fans out there. If you are a fan of Soilwork or At The Gates and in the same time appreciate death metal, don't miss this Synergy. One thing is for sure, it's going to kick you in the ass and make you like it. It's going to catch you by the balls in its most brutal moments and seduce your heart in its more technical ones.

Nothing really new and a bit short, but the songs are good and it is well performed. If you have never heard them, like it was my case, do yourself a favor and check them out! By the way did I mentioned the excellent cover art? Now it is done.

Killing Songs :
Suicidal Glory, Ashess II
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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