Endyium - Eye of the Storm
Heavy Metal
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Release year: 2009
Reviewed by Thomas

I’m under the impression that Endyium are one of those bands that always have been going about covering their favorite 80’s heavy metal bands until, after ten years, decided to make something of their very own. From various websites and the bands own biography they seem like a rather distinguished band in their home town of Ottawa, Canada. They claim that they’ve built a loyal fanbase over the years, which must be thrilled that their favorite cover band has finally come into their own. However, the problem with cover bands is that they often struggle to completely detach from their obvious influences and pour their own inspiration into it and coloring it with their very own touch. Thankfully, Endyium seem experienced enough to not have this problem, which bodes well for both me and you, right?

Well, after a little sloppy and slow start Eye of the Storm really picks up in pace, quality and emotion. This is mainly influenced by Iron Maiden, a certain Mr. Osbourne, Metallica etc. In other words, all the bands that is obvious to inspire fresh heavy metal acts. Now, this might be a problem for some bands, however, these guys knows how to cover it all up and wrap it into their very own package. It may not seem like that after the weak opener For Granted which is just a recycled Iron Maiden-riff coupled with so-so solos and vocal performances. However, as soon as the completely kickass Soldier Unbound kicks in, you’re somewhat negative impression is bound to be erased. This is heavy metal of the old school. Blazing solos, soaring vocals and galloping riffs dominates this metal-scaled battlefield from moment numero uno. Prepare for a slapping, as this storm builds in intensity with every song. The raging hurricane that is Eternity leads into the sky-cracking neck-breaker The Assassin which might be the very best song on the album. Nate LeGault-Roth’s vocals are good, the riffs are simple yet incredibly catchy and don’t get me going on the solos. The blazing leads are ripping its way through your flesh like a knife through butter. Pat Regnier and Roth’s guitar work is packed with emotion, speed and an undisputed intensity.

In the midst of all the awesomeness though, there are some room for improvement. Even though most of the songs can be described with something overly positive, there are some that take some dips in quality. Not just in terms of songwriting, but also in terms of the overall performance that could’ve been better with some fixing. The production is also something that caused an immediate reaction. It’s nothing big really, but when you’re not used to it, it sounds rather weak. Quite on the contrary though, after a while, it seems to be quite fitting. It’s weak when you consider this a brand new release, but this is not your modern heavy metal band. This has a retro-embroidered blanket layered over it, which makes the slim production incredibly fitting.

All in all, this is a great debut by the Canadian heavy metallers Endyium. The majority of the songs are smoking and most of this is reminiscent of how our all-time metal heroes sounded during their absolute glory days. Namely the eighties. This is powerful, sometimes epic, crunchy heavy metal covered with blazing fire, and an attitude that is rarely seen today. Despite its various minor flaws, this band is definitely something you’d want to keep a keen eye on, as Eye of the Storm is one of the best old-school heavy metal releases 2009 has seen thus far. If you like your metal a littleMaiden-esque with a hint of Metallica, you should give this a go now, and save up a couple of bucks for the 13th of March. A nice treat for every metal-head, now go put on you leather jacket, untie your ass-long hair, and throw them horns. Recommended.

Killing Songs :
Soldier Unbound, Eternity, The Assassin, Eye of the Storm
Thomas quoted 83 / 100
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