Thine Eyes Bleed - Thine Eyes Bleed
The End Records
Melodic Thrash/Death
10 songs (40:25)
Release year: 2008
Thine Eyes Bleed, The End Records
Reviewed by Jerrol

After several lengthy tours , including the Unholy Alliance tour with Slayer, London, Ontario’s Thine Eyes Bleed took a year off to write and record their second and self-titled release through The End Records. While this release sees Thine Eyes Bleed further creating their own breed of Technical Thrash Metal, it continues to ooze strong Swedish influences. Tearing through some seriously weighty Thrash riffs with a sense of urgency, Thine Eyes Bleed maintains an air of melody that helps to tie everything together.

The frenzy of guitarists Jeff Phillips (ex-Kittie) and James Reid feed off each other hurling meaty riffs into the air while the rhythm section of Darryl Stephens and Johnny Araya, Tom Araya’s brother formally of Bloodcum, keep the assault moving along with their technical blasts and beats. All this is lead by the scorching and enraged vocal work of Justin Wolfe, who uses the right amount of fervor to get his point across.

Burning Breath charges forth with galloping riffs and a thunderous drum attack as Wolfe shows a nice range with his gruff growls and higher pitched screams. This is a great opener doing a good job of showing the listener what’s in store. The Dragon continues the barrage, after a slow thick bass ridden intro, with its chaotic drum work and unyielding riffs, this track showcasing the technical aspect of the band more than the opener. The album for me is highlighted by Shallow Skin which erupts with molten riffs, blazing solos and crushing drums. Wolfe unleashes his best and most intense vocal performance on the CD. The entire album remains upbeat save for Morta Diablo a mostly acoustic instrumental with some deep growling at the end.

Even though I have heard only a couple tracks from the debut, but it seems that Thine Eyes Bleed have definitely stepped things up on this release. If Swedish inspired Technical Thrash is your thing then unquestionably get your hands on this self-titled release, Thine Eyes Bleed.


Killing Songs :
Shallow Skin, The Dragon, With Burning Breath
Jerrol quoted 77 / 100
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