Sieges Even - Paramount
InsideOut Music
Progressive Rock/Metal
10 songs (1:01:42)
Release year: 2007
Sieges Even, InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Goat
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So, I’ll admit myself bowled over. As much of a fair-weather-friend as I am to Power Metal, liking it when it’s good, and turning my back pretty darn fast when times get tricky, I never expected the Holzwarth brothers of Blind Guardian and Rhapsody to have a Prog project as good as this in their past. Although Sieges Even sadly broke up (for the second time) in 2008, their last full-length (number six) Paramount, released in 2007, is a decent consolation prize. Playing a form of Progressive Metal that’s big on melody and low on the Thrash riffs subverted by the likes of Dream Theater, Sieges Even have a fine sense of songwriting that results in a set of tracks that are both immediately catchy and worthy of relistens, although you’ll have to have patience. None of the songs here are under five minutes long, two going over seven, and although they have a fairly original sound, the similarities to Dream Theater at its most mellow are clear at times (Eyes Wide Open, particularly) as well as a notable Rush and Yes influence. Still, Sieges Even have a refined sense of songwriting, the chorus in Tidal alone the mark of genius, and whilst they even take steps into Pop territory at times, it’s never too far, and the songs never become less complex.

As well as being complex, the songs on Paramount are notably emotional, soulful vocals and acoustic guitars often being the only elements needed to take you to a Pink Floyd-esque plateau of calm. Of course, there are the necessary Metal riffs here and there (Where Our Shadows Sleep, for one) but for the greater part the album is centred around Arno Menses’ vocals, and whatever melodic backing Markus Steffen provides on guitar. It’s hard to forget that this band was originally formed all the way back in 1982; there’s a professionalism at work that makes this a joy to listen to, even with potentially cheesy moments like the samples in Bridge To The Divine and Mounting Castles In The Blood Red Sky (featuring a large chunk of Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech). All seven minutes of Leftovers flow by wonderfully, and really, the whole album is a delight to listen to. The highlight of the album is definitely the closing eight-minute title track, starting with a sample of a rocket taking off and continuing into a simply beautiful song not devoid of riffs that features a great saxophone solo – although there’s not a weak song on the album.

Technically impressive as many Prog bands can be, there’s few that truly master the art of writing beautiful music, and Sieges Even are, well, were one of few. If you like emotion and atmosphere in your Prog above technicality, then Paramount should definitely be on your list.

Killing Songs :
When Alpha And Omega Collide, Tidal, Iconic, Leftovers, Paramount
Goat quoted 87 / 100
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