Yattering - Human's Pain
Season Of Mist
Brutal Death Metal
14 songs (54'27)
Release year: 2001
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Marc

This record is the re-release of Yattering's first album (which was available only in Poland their home-country).

For a first album, there is a lot of interesting stuff in this CD, a lot of less interesting stuff too. Like the production, even "digitally remastered" it suffers from a disapointing quality. Some songs are boring too. But as I said some are excellent and the drummer's speed is incredible. Three bonus tracks have been added (including two covers, Brutal Truth and Slayer) which makes the album unusualy long (maybe too long) considering the tempo of songs.

I guess that if you liked their new album you can consider buying this one right away, otherwise try before.

Killing Songs :
Demon's Inoculate (Fourfold Change), Chase Of Thoughts
Marc quoted 70 / 100
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