Alastis - Unity
Century Media
Symphonic Dark Metal
10 songs (46'59)
Release year: 2001
Alastis, Century Media
Reviewed by Sin

Dark Metal bands are not that common in our good old country Switzerland, which usually see its scene filled with mainly trashcore. Of course the scene is good, but it has the bad effect of leaving the other styles in a shadow. Alastis is one of the exception that proves that even thought we've got very few bands that belongs to the Dark side, they still are very good. This new album Unity is a jewel and is far better than their precedent opus. For those who were comparing them to Samael can now look another direction as their music style is now far from their compatriots Samael. The new keyboard player Graven X adds a huge symphonic touch to the band and we now can feel that the unity Alastis always strove for has now become reality with the new lineup.

Song writing is excellent, with a preference for The Sign and its majestic melody. The song ...And Death Smile is a nice wink at their second album. Everything's been put in the box at the Sound Suit Studios in the south of France and they did a very good job as the production is powerful and crystal clear. The 3 years waiting wasn't in vain as this album is amongst the best Dark release for the beginning of this millennium. For those of you who lives in Geneva, don't miss them the 15th June at the Carpe Noctem festival, their first live since 4 years.

Killing Songs :
The Sign, Another God, …And Death Smiled
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