Halford - Live Insurrection
Sanctuary, Metal Is
Heavy Metal !!!!!!
Disc 1: 15 songs (63'00) Disc 2: 13 songs (50'30)
Release year: 2001
Halford, Sanctuary, Metal Is
Reviewed by Danny
Less than a year after Resurrection, Halford is back with a double live. If you have seen Halford on tour, Live Insurrection becomes the best souvenir you can buy.

From Judas Priest to Fight and including of course his last solo songs, this live kills and the production, done by Roy Z, is excellent. Actually, it is too excellent!!! I am wondering sometime if it is a real live, because everything is too perfect for a live record:

1) Halford's vocals are amazing (logical for the Metal God, but too clean for a live record).

2) The crowd is unbelievably "well built".

3) The whole live is overdubbed.

Halford is back, he is angry and the whole metal planet was waiting for him. This live is a gift for all his fans out there. But this live isn't coming to quickly? And why having produced this crystal clear sound? Why Roy Z changed the original sound? This is may be the first "mistake" from Roy Z as producer. Of course, I apologize him with closed eyes (or ears should I say).

Apart these small details, this is one of 2001's metal events. So don't miss it for nothing.

Killing Songs :
The whole "too perfect" live
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