See You Next Tuesday - Intervals
Ferret Records
Chaotic Metalcore
17 songs (29'48")
Release year: 2008
Ferret Records, See You Next Tuesday's Myspace
Reviewed by Drew
Let me start by saying a lot of compression and rarefaction occurs when listening to this album. Nobody can ever say that they didn't accomplish that. But as I listened through this 17 song, just shy of 30 minute album (10 &1/2 minutes of which are taken up by the last song)... I literally just found myself asking the question that no music listener should ever have to ask when listening to a record; "What's the point?". Not that every record has a point, or that any record does, for that matter. But that shouldn't even have to cross the listeners mind while listening.

I suppose you can put See You Next Tuesday in there with the other chaotic grinding metalcore groups, but there are plenty of others that pull it off more effectively and present more interesting ideas (Psyopus comes to mind, I mean... just go listen to Insects).

There are a couple songs on the record where they stumble upon some good ideas, but the almost instantaneously reduce them to garbled messes of sterile grinding and ineffective breakdowns. Dynamics to this band seem to be blistering fast grindcore, or just heavy breakdowns. It's bizarre, because their last record actually had a fair range to it, despite being the same cut-and-paste style as this one. They vocals on the last record were more varied, the music was more interesting to listen to, and the content was just tongue-in-cheek hilarity. On Intervals, practically all the songs run together, making them virtually impossible to tell apart (with the exception of welcomed formula changes like Forever on Deaf Ears). And I gotta say, it's depressing when a change in formula is actually adding some structure to your formula. And Dedication to a New Era's lyrics are literally "Fuck you. Every one of you. In my heart you're all dead.", over and over again for 3 minutes straight to just an open sludge riff. Maybe this whole "everything runs together" stuff is a thematic decision based on the title, but this record is literally one I wouldn't listen to more than once because of this fact. It unfolds itself entirely after just one listen.

Plus a lot of the fun has been taken right out of this group. Gone are priceless gems like Honey, I've Never Had Sex that Wasn't Awkward, and Good Christians Don't Get Jiggy With it 'Til After Marriage. They are replaced by semi-serious titles like In the End and The Life in Death. Come on, for real, your name is See You Next Tuesday. Lets put things in perspective here.

All in all, this record just doesn't succeed in the way their first record did. While listening to Intervals, I just found myself retreating back to Parasite at every turn. This record takes the fun out of an absurd genre, and replaces it with a poorly constructed sense of purpose and, as far as I can tell, an attempt at seriousness. Ewwwww.
Killing Songs :
Forever on Deaf Ears
Drew quoted 60 / 100
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