Exit Wounds - Exit Wounds
No Escape Records
30 songs (24:14)
Release year: 2008
No Escape Records
Reviewed by Goat

Here’s an experiment for you. Go and scream into a microphone for twenty-minutes or so, whilst recording it. Then play the results back. What you might get sounds very much like Polish Grinders Exit Wounds, here on their debut full-length (and I only use the words ‘full’ and ‘length’ here because more than thirty minutes of this stuff would kill anyone) and whilst there are more guitars, drums and occasional samples, here it’s all about the screams and shouts of vocalist Szym. Punkish and grinding riffs, clattering, fierce drums, for well under a minute each time; short blasts of brutality. Heck, there are barely even any breakdowns or other such devices that most Grindsters throw in to mix things up a little. Like Napalm Death did at the start of their career, Exit Wounds are doing now, at the start of theirs... what a pity that Scum was out over twenty years ago, else Exit Wounds might be revolutionary. As it is, there’s not much to distinguish this band from the other Grindcore unit-shifters.

Apart from the part-acoustic, part-Sludge, complete with Arabic spoken vocals The Hook, all that there’s left to do is mention some of the better song titles: Useless Corpse, Annihilated By The Flamethrower, Gasmask Fetish, Hangin’ Heads, He Got Shot, Fuck You And Get Lost, and Chuje Fuck Off. Really, they’ll all have the same effect, and it’s near-impossible to tell them apart. This album is for those that want Grindcore brutality, and aren’t interested in anything other.

Killing Songs :
The Hook, otherwise take your pick
Goat quoted 62 / 100
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