Disturbed - Indestructible
Reprise Records
Hard Rock, Modern Metal
12 songs (49:15)
Release year: 2008
Reprise Records
Reviewed by Goat

Pay heed, you dwellers of the black, for the tale I tell will chill your marrow and freeze your bones. Near three months back now, I awoke from my grim and frostbitten sleep to a sound I had not previously heard in the kingdoms of Transilvania. It is the usual custom in these parts for a chorus of wolves to greet the resurrection of their master, and I always welcomed their sweet music, my children of the night. Yet on this occasion the halls of my crypt reverberated to a different, more rhythmic sound. Repeated poundings echoed from the gargoyles, over and over, whilst a rumbling came and went... Curious, I arose from my coffin and followed this strangeness. Perchance they had returned, my enemies, those who hunted me down in a past existence and ended my reign with the sharpened kiss of a wooden stake? They would not take me so easily this time, I swore, my fingers scratching at the great door in my haste to face those who would torment me...

With the great door open, I could hear the sound more clearly. It was music of a kind that I had not heard before, free of the beauty that characterised my favoured listen. Here, there was anger, but also peace; there was hatred, but also love... I found myself both weeping and laughing simultaneously, my head nodding in a fashion that sickened me, but I could not stop. As I approached the source of this music it became clearer, and just as I was to enter the room from whence it came I grew astonishingly fearful, Disturbed, afraid of something that waited for me just around the corner. A shriek of anguish departed from 'twixt my fangs, and was answered by what appeared to be... monkey noises! Monkeys? In my castle, the home of my family for centuries? I entered the room and was transfixed as I heard this disturbing music as it was meant to be heard!

They had come and gone! my worst enemies, those for whom my downfall would be a source of joy and celebration. No longer did my wolves howl, no longer my rats scurry and my bats flutter. Instead, a large piece of mechanical equipment stood before me, squat, grey, and ugly. From mesh grills on either side came the sounds that had awoken me, short, syncopated chugs, tribal beatings and bellowed words... all thought of my usual song was pushed from my mind, and I found myself listening as I has never listened before.

I sat for months before this foul machine, my hands moving as my ears listened. No longer for me the black cloak, the dark journey, the taste of blood or the caress of pale female flesh. Now, I am fallen in ways that no true believer could fathom. This, this music, this cacophony, more foul than the death screams of a bride, more powerful than the spray from a parted throat, this sound compelled me. They knew they could not win with swords and bows, those peasants and workmen that resented my rule, so they used a more nefarious weapon: the power of the written song. I listened, I listen, and I will listen still when the mountains become valleys and the mines vomit up their devourings, when the sky becomes the sea and the human race is no more. The dark lord of Hades Himself could arise from the pit, and he would have no say over my soul, for I am become indestructible, a master of war, a terror to behold. No power can take me, no living or unliving being can attack with success.

And so, this is my legacy, dear reader of these hastily scratched words. Take care, lest you too fall and become as one Disturbed beyond all possible measure. It is full of tricks; it appears as something that one so powerful and experienced would not fall prey to, yet if you allow it to crawl inside your ears it shall take hold and live there forever, playing on in your head even hours afterwards... Flee from it, I beg you! Pay no heed to its graspings, to the wailing instruments that play by themselves even when unaccompanied, to the beats and electronicisms that seduce you more surely than any beauteous woman... This weapon shall claim many more of the dark, I fear, yet if I can tell, if I can warn, I can still save some before it takes the world as its own. Aieeee! It is starting! I can feel it from here, I am drawn towards it... flee! Flee, you fools...! I shall never escape its embrace!

Killing Songs :
Indestructible, Inside The Fire, The Night, Enough, The Curse, Criminal, Divide
Goat quoted 84 / 100
Thomas quoted 71 / 100
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