Dyslesia - Who Dares Wins
Heavy/Speed Metal
10 songs (51'50)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny

Second work from Dyslesia and progress made by the French heavy/peed band is really impressive. Much less progressive elements in their music (first Dyslesia was too progressive for my taste). Here, we were are talking about heavy/speed melodic metal "à la" German way. Actually Helloween, Iron Savior, Gamma Ray or Heavenly fans should check this record very quickly.

Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) has done a great jog and he has surely transmitted his experience to Dyslesia. The production is excellent and the wall of guitar created inside the sound is too cool. Drums explode your ears and I can say the prod' is crystal clear.

On the other hand, if the songs are not that good, can you really appreciate the production? Of course not. And this is not the case here, because Dyslesia's new songs are all excellent. Songs like Rest In Space or Who Dares Wins, could have been written by Helloween. Lucas Turilli has even written one song for the French band, Unknown Fighter, and all the typical Rhapsody elements are included here, but Dysledia play it much heavier compare to the Italian band.

The only bad point here is the singer. I am wondering if he doesn't try to much to sing like German singers (Kiske, Sammet) and should sing more naturally. But this is a very small details, because the singer is never out of tune ... he is just a bit special in fact. If you like his vocals, you gonna spend some days on this Who Dares Wins. There is nothing new here, but if you like German heavy/speed metal, try this one.

Yes, the French team has "Dared" and they are not far away from the victory. Next chapter will tell us more about Dyslesia's real qualities as this will be their third record ...

Killing Songs :
Rest In Space, Who Dares Wins, Unknown Fighter
Danny quoted 80 /100
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