Oil - Refine
Kaluboné Records
US Neo/Power Metal
10 songs (46'20)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

After 20 seconds, I can already feel this guys like Metallica. From the guitar sound or from the vocalist (Ron Rinehart, lead vocals singing like Jame Hetfield), this power/thrash record reminds all Metallica's discography. No copy cat here, the sound and the vocalist being simply too close to the Forth Horsemen.

So what about the songs themselves? Are we talking about aggressive music, heavy metal or light stuff here? Well, Oil is playing an aggressive power metal, with thrashy riffs and they are concentrated on crushing our hears down. There are some melodies here and there, but Oil is much more aggressive compare to Metallica and is not far from neo-metal. Waiting There could have been a Machine Head song.

Oil is also playing some US power metal (Pantera, Iced Earth) and combines thrash riffs (Metallica) to neo-metal elements (Machine Head). An interesting melt-pot metal : heavy as an elephant can be, crushing like a building on your back, neckbreaker as US power metal is.

Scream (a Black Sabbath/Metallica song) is the one I prefer, because I have this feeling to have 30 additional kilos on each shoulders. I can say this band play heavy stuff. Life Addiction being more European is also very good (killing riff on this track). If you don't know this band, check them out as soon as possible ... especially if you like US power metal. And if you like heavy stuff, this Refine is for you.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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