Divine Syndrome - Pulsatory Paradigm
Frowz Productions Enr.
Black/Heavy Metal
9 songs (47'00)
Release year: 2001
Frowz Productions Enr.
Reviewed by Danny

I can see that Iron Maiden, Iced Earth or more recently Steel Prophet have influenced many many bands. I don't know if it is intentional (and it will be quiet hard to change my opinion on that) but this band is a pure Black Metal Iced Earth band. Double bass, fast rhythm, breaks here and there "à la" Steel Prophet, fast riff (Iron Maiden) and a mixture between clear, guttural and black vocals.

Coming straight from Canada (these guys sing also in French, Citadelle & Chrysalide), Divine Syndrome is playing an interesting black/heavy metal. However, there is not a single song that doesn't remind me another band, expect may be the two song with French lyrics. However, I hope on their next record they will follow the "English way" and not the "French way" for their songs, because I cannot afford French songs. French being my mother language, I have lot's of difficulties to afford that type of lyrics. Don't ask me why!

As I was saying, Inertia (first song) is based on Iced Earth melodies. Actually and to be honest with you, I would have bet my trousers it was Iced Earth who was playing on first track as the sound and the introducing solos reminds me them so much. And I prefer not to talk about the small intro on After The Fall Of Babel (who sound like Immortal) or Symbiotic (killing song!).

From Maiden to Steel Prophet, I would have appreciate to discover something more personal. Without being an exact copycat, Divine Syndrome must lose its direct influences and grow up alone now. So ... for what I suppose to be a first shot, it is a promising one.

If you are fans of black metal and heavy stuffs too, I suggest to check this band. I would like to thank Frowz Productions Enr. in Canada (www.frowz.com) for this promo (and for all the other ones which were enclosed too).

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 68 / 100
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