Kaledon - Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter 5 - A New Era Begins
Hellion Records
Melodic Power Metal
10 songs (52)
Release year: 2008
Reviewed by Marty
Legend Of The Forgotten Reign - Chapter V - A New Era Begins brings us to the latest chapter in the epic six part saga from the ever imaginative mind of guitarist Alex Mele and his band Kaledon. A massive epic based in England in the 1300s, has not only seen the story progress, but the band as well. Album after album, the song writing quality and the overall sound of the band has improved immensely with Chapter IV - Twilight Of The Gods being their crowning achievement. With Chapter V - A New Era Begins, Kaledon introduces new vocalist Marco Palazzi and with a new vocalist, comes an almost brand new sound and a "new era" of sorts for Kaledon.

With each album since their debut album, the speedy symphonic power metal style has slowly started to disappear with Chapter IV - Twilight Of The Gods showing a more progressive and melodic side to their sound. With this new chapter in the story, we hear a vastly different Kaledon with very little of the speedy/symphonic power metal of earlier albums and more of a retro 70s/80s melodic heavy metal style. They have taken full advantage of new vocalist Marco Palazzi's very strong voice and one that has similarities to Dave King (Fastway), Robin McAuley (MSG) and even a little Ronnie James Dio. The mid tempo, Hammond organ flavored title track is a prime example. Although catchy and with great soaring vocals, I would challenge any fan of the band to identify this as in fact a new Kaledon song without prior knowledge of who they were listening to. Alex Mele's love for classic rock shines through with the very "Tommy" flavored Mozul; a track that features big, powerful orchestrations, a solid epic feel and some double bass driven power metal for old times sake. More 70's influences, in particular Uriah Heep shine through with the swirling Hammond organ sounds and layered voices of Undead Again with the first single The God Beyond The Man using Styx-like lead synthesizer, piano and heavy riffs to power a very strong track that features a great vocal performance by Marco Palazzi. More 80's styled mid tempo, riff driven and melodic heavy metal can be heard with A Flash In The Sky and once again, a big departure in sound for Kaledon. Speedy neo-classical influenced power metal does finally make appearances with the wild and crazy instrumental track Great Mighty Light, featuring many tempo changes as well as The Greatest Heart and the album closer Return To Kaledon. A big surprise is just how well they nailed the classic power ballad style with A Wounded Friend. Using a mix of acoustic guitar, heavy riffs ans Queen style harmonized leads, the very emotional and soaring chorus section is a real highlight of this album.

Although still part of the Legend Of The Forgotten Reign saga, this new album has less of an "epic" feel than any before it. Overall, most songs are very much more riff driven than ever before with very simple yet precise lead guitar work; adding a very solid melodic touch. This is easily the best sounding Kaledon album yet. Marco Palazzi is a great addition to the band and with his vocal style brings an added "catchiness" and more melodic "hooks" that really grab the listener. I miss the big epic, symphonic style of earlier albums and Kaledon seems to be in a state of transition here with Chapter V - A New Era Begins. It may just in fact attract new listeners to the band yet long-time fans may have to take a little more time to come to grips with such drastic changes in sound. Although it continues the storyline complete with cheesy wind, battle and galloping horses sounds, musically it sounds more like a "stand alone" album. This may all be part of the plan as after one more album, the saga is complete.

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Killing Songs :
A New Era, A Wounded Friend, Great Mighty Light and The God Beyond Man
Marty quoted 78 / 100
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