Sound And Fury - Sound And Fury
Rebel Youth Records
Punkish Hard Rock
11 songs (42'14)
Release year: 2008
Sound And Fury
Reviewed by Marty
This new CD marks the first full-length album by this Toronto, Canada based band. Born from the lifelong musical aspirations of lead vocalist and principle song writer Luke Metcalf, Sound And Fury has a street-wise punkish sense due to Luke's rebel attitude and lifestyle that has seen him kicked out of 3 different high schools, living as a street kid in California for over a year and having a fondness for 70's rock and punk along the likes of AC/DC, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Misfits as well as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The result is a brand of punk influenced, no bullshit, down 'n dirty hard rock that lives for the moment and is all about having fun, partying and generally enjoying the mayhem of life as seen first hand by Luke Metcalf himself.

The overall sound of Sound And Fury blends the power chord riffs of AC/DC with a vocal style of Jack White from the White Stripes with a little Offspring, Misfits and Motorhead thrown into the mix. The album opener School's Out is a prime example with it's older Motorhead style riffs and punkish, AC/DC influenced sound. The big gang style choruses are a big staple with this band. The Ramones influence comes through with Teenage Rampage, 18 and Runaway Love with others like Bad Touch, Supercharged, Night Of The Ghouls and High School Hotbox embracing more of the AC/DC riff styles. Let There Be Rock comes to mind with Supercharged with Night Of The Ghouls blending a Hells Bells like feel with the pace and lead solos of Night Prowler. Tracks like The Stranger and Hellhound offer up more straight ahead and less punk influenced hard rock.

Unlike most bands playing this sort of music, their songs have lots of soloing with lead guitarist Griffin offering up some very tasty leads, adding an added element of both energy and recklessness into the sound of Sound And Fury. The vocal style of Luke Metcalf is right out of the 70's era of British punk with lots of screaming, shouting and general carrying on. This music is meant to be fun and not to be taken seriously. Sound And Fury on the other hand, is very serious about the band, their sound and the people that they make music for.....those who sincerely live for the music and don't give a shit about anything else!!

Killing Songs :
Teenage Rampage, Supercharged and The Stranger
Marty quoted 72 / 100
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