Sencirow - The Nightmare Within
Pure Steel Records
Thrashy German Power Metal
11 songs (48'45)
Release year: 2008
Sencirow, Pure Steel Records
Reviewed by Marty
Sencirow is a German based band that had released two demos, Dreamspace (1999) and Crown Of Creation (2001) before finally releasing their first full-length debut album The Perception Of Fear in 2006. Lead by lead vocalist/guitarist David "Kensington" Seifert, Sencirow offers up a killer mix of German style heavy metal that incorporates elements of thrash metal and U.S. styled power metal that's big on meaty, chunky riffs and a general "old school" feel.

After the short, chugging and de-tuned riff-filled opener The Phenomenon Of Frugality, the album quickly kicks into high gear with Demon Inside. With a power/thrash metal and definitively older Iced Earth feel, Kensington's gruff vocal style adds an element of aggression to a track that relives the Ride The Lightning era of Metallica. The Iced Earth similarities crop up every now and again, not only with the dramatic and heavy riffing, but Kensington's voice takes on Matt Barlow like qualities on many occasions throughout the album. Curse Of Lying, complete with its galloping main riff and speedy double bass work along with the more epic The Beggar's Estate are yet more examples of the Iced Earth influence with The Beggar's Estate using the classic harmony thirds that Jon Schaffer uses quite often in his riffs. Harmony third based riffs are also prominent with Palace Of Bones; a more mid tempo and melodic track that has a great "old school" feel. World Collapse sees a bit of a Maiden influence with guitar harmonies over chunky main riffs with Kensington's voice taking on more raspy Blackie Lawless qualities. Feeding The Rage amps up the speed a few notches with a great thrash metal feel with Bullet To The Head continuing the trend. More dramatic arrangements are found with Deliver Me From Pain and the title track The Nightmare Within. Deliver Me From Pain mixes clean guitar based with big heavy sections with Kensington's voice taking on the "desperate" tone of Blind Guardian's Hansi Kursch. Suddenly speeding up for the lead guitar work and vocal refrains, Kensington's vocals fall a bit short in what would otherwise be a metal masterpiece. The title track uses more abstract and intricate arrangements with richer Rush-like chording and a more melodic and progressive feel.

If you like big monster guitar riffs and a killer aggressive heavy metal sound, Sencirow definitely fits the bill. Amazing and catchy riffs are all combined with a flair for the dramatic to create a heavy metal sound that fans of older Iced Earth, Falconer and fellow German based bands Symphorce, Brainstorm, Paragon and Mystic Prophecy will surely enjoy. The sometimes raspy and gruff vocals of David "Kensington" Seifert may be perceived as a weak point on some tracks but their very nature adds a more of a rough-around-the-edges sound to this band that is a welcomed change and besides....great heavy metal is supposed to be a little rough-around-the-edges anyway isn't it?

Killing Songs :
Demon Inside, Palace Of Bones, Curse Of Lying and Feeding The Rage
Marty quoted 82 / 100
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