Diabolic - Chaos In Hell/Possessed By Death
Deathgasm Records
Death Metal
9 songs (24:18)
Release year: 2008
Diabolic, Deathgasm Records
Reviewed by Goat

I have no idea why, but despite the relatively large amounts of Death Metal that I listen to I rarely get bored with it. Perhaps it’s simply because most of it is pretty damn good – for example, four-piece Diabolic hailing from Tampa, Florida play an almost mockingly Deicideal form of Death Metal, any further influence coming directly from Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, and despite this, do it damn well. This re-release of two EPs (with a bonus video) shows the band’s sound off perfectly, paving the way for an apparently forthcoming album and hopefully drumming up a little support for the band along the way.

Diabolic has been around since 1997, and after three full lengths got caught up in a legal tangle when former guitarist Brian Malone claimed the rights to the band’s name. It’s a shame, as with a bit of touring this band could build up quite a fanbase, especially in Europe, where we love American Death Metal. Past members of Diabolic have gone on to everyone from Vital Remains to Crimson Massacre, and a helping hand would be a great boost for the band.

There’s little to make songs stand out from each other, little to distinguish between them, yet the passion that Diabolic holds for its genre is obvious. Headbanging riffs, kicking solos, blasting drums - all the classic clichés are done to death, yet it sounds great!

Strictly speaking, I shouldn’t like this. I should rail against the sterile and repetitious nature of Death Metal, the rarity of bands that push the genre forwards… alas, Diabolic has proved that purity and enthusiasm can still win out. The odds are that few of you have heard of this band, or indeed will hear of them again, and it’s a pity. Diabolic kicked my ass with its ferocious attack, and fully deserves better exposure in the crowded scene. All too often, worthy bands fall by the wayside, despite years of hard work. Here’s hoping Diabolic stays on the highway.

Killing Songs :
Engulf The Enchantress, Chaos In Hell, The Suffering Church, Devour The Subconscious
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