K[nine] - Dead Worlds Poetry
Self released
6 songs (22')
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Alex

I often admire the guts in some young unsigned bands sending their creations out for review to some remote zine of which they have hardly any clue. Sure, any publicity is a good publicity, but what if their work falls in the hands of some ignoramus with little knowledge of the particular shade of the genre? The consequences are reviews without much genre reference, based purely on the fact “how I liked the music the minute it was played”.

Norwegians K[nine] are out of luck, metalcore growing up in popularity all the while passing me by. K[nine] seem to be playing by the rules of the genre, Dead World’s Poetry being a confident effort. Convincingly done, I can appreciate the EP for what it is – a mixture of tight, chugging downtuned guitars and mellow melodies. The rough side of K[nine] is slamming Pantera riffs, with a cannon tight bass. Surely, I’d prefer something more flowing, while the EP is all jagged and syncopated, but some of barbs and stop’n’go explosions in My Inner Demons are rhythmically interesting. Failed Creation showcases a solo after the brutal section. Path of Damnation offers a glimpse of thrash, but it does not last too long referring back to the usual barrage.

The softer side of K[nine] is where I’d give points. Their breakdowns, often quick and unexpected, do not have an overly sweet whiny taste. Pitch Black Eyes is melodic without being dumbed down or docile. It predominantly, and appropriately, uses clean vocals. The band has two vocalists, each with his own specialty, each bringing their own mettle to the party, but I still wonder what the clean vocalist does when the band has the slam on live.

For a metalcore K[nine] is a lot better than what I am hearing on our university radio station full of local “talent”. Quality effort is quality effort, no matter if it comes out from the field I rarely call home.

Killing Songs :
Pitch Black Eyes
Alex quoted 65 / 100
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