Averse Sefira - Advent Parallax
Black Metal
8 songs (57:20)
Release year: 2008
Averse Sefira, Candlelight
Reviewed by Goat

For a long time, Averse Sefira seemed to be one of the few American Black Metal bands that were getting as much respect from the underground as it was recognition in what passes for the mainstream of the Black Metal world. After all, with one member having previously been part of Krieg, and another having drummed live for Incantation, we’re clearly not dealing with amateurs here. Fourth album Advent Parallax is perhaps the trio’s best work to date, although whether the underground will see it thus is another question.

Unfortunately for the Texans, the sound that they’ve chosen for Advent Parallax sounds like Satyricon circa Rebel Extravaganza as played by Marduk, and as such this is hardly the release that will make the band’s name as respected as it deserves. Throughout the album, lengthy, twisty songs such as Descension and Cognition Of Rebirth make for a sophisticated listen, but unless you’ve ignored everything that’s happened in Black Metal in the last five to ten years, this won’t be exciting.

Looking for the good, there is some excellent songwriting here, the band drawing on its experience to make the likes of Séance In A Warrior’s Dream catchy yet ferocious slices of Blackened hatred, and the playing throughout is flawless. Overall, however, the instruments tend to melt together, especially the guitars, and so it takes some work to avoid losing interest.

Compared to Averse Sefira’s previous works, many may find Advent Parallax a step away from what the band delivered before. Previous fans should give it time, and the ferocity underpinning these songs will make itself known, showing that Averse Sefira deserve the niche that it has slowly, painfully carved. Newcomers, however, may well wonder what the fuss is about, and unless the band can do something spectacular with the next album, it’s the less kindly opinion that will consign Averse Sefira to the sidelines of Black Metal.

Killing Songs :
Séance In A Warrior’s Memory, Cognition Of Rebirth
Goat quoted 70 / 100
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