Various Artists - Warning : Minds Of Raging Empires
Tribute to Queensryche
14 songs (68'16)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

First things first, I virtually know only one album of Queensryche, so it's difficult for me to identify the songs in this tribute and compare them to their original. The album I'm talking about is the excellent Operation Mindcrime. That and also the fact that I don't know most of the band in this tribute, aside Mayadome. But in a way it's very interesting so it gives one the opportunity to discover other bands, like Forte' who seems to be a very good Power Metal band on what I could heard on the cover "Prophecy". Same for Etheria and Talamasca which demonstrate a good potential. Circle IX also made me a very good impression with "I Don't Believe In Love", a song that is simply excellent. Power Of Omens have this singer, that is so close to Bruce Dickinson that you ask yourself if they finally found a way to clone Bruce :). Black Symphony's also seems to be a good power metal band. In the end the album helped me identify new players that I won't forget to go check upon soon.

This tributes contains very interesting moments, a good way to listen to the songs with another "feeling", but that's the case with many tributes. Here the variety of "new" (to me, but there not major player in the metal scene) bands is interesting and gives a nice spectrum of different sounds. You get Power Metal, some more Prog influenced band and sometimes is simple Hard Rock. Production wise the album is average, although it vary from song to song... sometimes much better than some others.

In the end I'd say that this album contains very good moments, and it will probably interest Queensryche fans (especially if you like Italian Power and Prog Metal), that is if you like to hear their songs form bands you might have never heard about, but the idea itself have its own charm I guess. Although I'm not an after Mindcrime period fan, I've really enjoyed this tribute, so maybe you will to. I still think it's a try before you buy, just in case our taste differs.

Killing Songs :
Prophecy, The Eyes Of A Stranger,The Whisper, I Don't Believe In Love & Deliverance.
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