Kerbenok - Der Erde Entwachsen (Gewollte Wunden)
Northern Silence Productions
Ambient Black Metal
3 songs (23'42")
Release year: 2008, Northern Silence
Reviewed by Alex

Everything on Kerbenok’s MCD Der Erde Entwachsen (Gewollte Wunden) breathes the dedicated effort focused on nature-loving black metal art. This is the band’s (Stefan Drechsler and Christopher Duis form the core of the band) first “real” release outside of the couple of demos and Northern Silence is happy to oblige promoting this hard-working duo. In the world of fast-rising German black metal Kerbenok shows both promise and inexperience at the same time.

The concerted desire not to fall into a pattern should be commanded, but while trying to bring diversity into a record, Kerbenok falls the victim of their black metal being a hodge-podge of sorts. The band is simply not sure whether they want to hug trees or fight on a battlefield more. The truth is, both movements could peacefully coexist, if Stefan and Christopher made their transitions within the songs a little smoother. What begins like Haive with whispers and soft mouth-harp melody on Das Kalte Feuer jumps into a harsh fuzzy tremolo without warning. Droning pitch of Der Fall yields to a lovely acoustic flute, but you have got to have the patience to wait for it until the very outro point of the composition. At least the title track knows where this is all going. Abrasive melodies circle overhead, tempos and octaves shift smoothly, reminding me of Nagelfar a little – this song has focus others lack.

Not to venture far, and simply choosing Kerbenok’s labelmates I had a pleasure of reviewing recently, Haive and Belenos know how to blend soft and rough edges creating a consistent weave. Haive’s harsh moments serve as deeper reflection of their pagan angst and Belenos gives his warriors a breather by bringing in melancholy in timely places. With Kerbenok, just like their stunning booklet cover art shows, the year’s seasons change way too fast, on the moment’s notice, leaving the listener wondering where the wind will blow from next.

Killing Songs :
Der Erde Entwachsen
Alex quoted 63 / 100
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