Corporation 187 - Newcomers Of Sin
Atmospheric Melodeath
11 songs (43:16)
Release year: 2008
Corporation 187, Anticulture
Reviewed by Goat

Starting life as a Gothenberg-obsessed Melodic Death machine, Corporation 187 deliberately overhauled its sound a few years ago so as not to sound too clichéd. As a result, the Swedes now sound like a heavier, more atmospheric version of mid-to-late In Flames with fewer hooks, which isn’t necessarily an improvement, but does make the band more interesting. Third full-length Newcomers Of Sin is a difficult listen, primarily because of vocalist Filip Carlsson (formerly of Satanic Slaughter) and his high-pitched yowls, which can grate slightly again the deeper, broader music.

It’s a matter of taste, perhaps, but it’s hard not to listen and think that a growler would have fitted the band’s sound better, as there are many moments that have their force lessened by the vocals. Early Isis gone frantic Death/Thrash is perhaps the best way to describe it, the album keeping a high level of intensity throughout, with none of that heavy/light nonsense. This is one well-trained corporation, the drums especially being tight and technical (provided by another former Satanic Slaughterman Robert Eng) and the at times rather spacey guitars turning on a point.

The songs themselves sound slightly samey with a few exceptions, such as the catchier than most Suffer As One which has shades of recent Arch Enemy about it, and the closing brutality of Virus Nation, which more than any other track hints at the Meshuggah-influenced rhythmic Prog beast that lurks at Corporation 187’s heart. Other songs sound as if they’ll shoot off into epic flights into the beyond, only to crash back rather heavily to earth – opener Provoking The Prophet is a good example of this. The title track comes closest to hitting that mark, and is probably the album highlight. Elsewhere, tight little grinders like My Sickness are fun songs that don’t actually break any new ground.

Overall, many a fan of modern Melodeath will find much to like here. There might not be enough new for those hooked by the ‘atmospheric’ tag, but keep expectations low and you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Killing Songs :
Provoking The Prophet, Newcomers Of Sin, Suffer As One, Virus Nation,
Goat quoted 77 / 100
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