Sodamned/Dark Celebration - The Damned Celebration (split)
Face The Abyss Records
Death Metal
11 songs (39:27)
Release year: 2007
Face The Abyss Records
Reviewed by Goat

The birth of a label is a momentous event. Who can tell what future classics will be released, whether or not that label will go on to become the Earache or Century Media of the future? The Brazilian undergroundniks at Face The Abyss Records are just as capable as anyone of discovering the next Sepultura, and deserve support from us all.

This split is, as you probably gathered, the first official release from the label, showcasing two underground Brazilian bands: the groovy Death/Thrash of Sodamned and the Blackened Death of Dark Celebration. Taking them in order: Sodamned (formed in 1999, but with only a demo to its name so far) has a very slight early Iron Maiden vibe to it, especially on opening track Sodamnizing. Clearly skilled, the two-piece cranks out some impressive riffing and technical drumwork throughout its half, although the production makes the guitar slightly overwhelming. The bass is still audible, and a couple of more than decent solos make this pretty enjoyable overall. A bit more work on the songs’ structuring and Sodamned will be a force to reckon with.

Dark Celebration is the better of the two bands (formed in 1996 and having two full-lengths to its name) perhaps relying a little much on the typical ‘War Metal’ template, but the dynamics are there as are the riffs and blasts. Opener Infra Dark is a little repetitive, but this is soon made up for by the dark fury of Reversed Creation, and further listens prove the band to be quite enjoyable, especially the Thrashy Soul’s Harvester Machine and the catchy Infernal Legions. Again, a little more work on song structuring is needed to perfect things, but there’s little wrong here than a better production and a hint more variation couldn’t cure.

Overall, Damned Celebration is a more than decent showcase for two promising bands, and is well worth picking up if you come across it. Here’s to Face The Abyss’ future releases, and the bands that make them!

Sodamned MySpace and Dark Celebration MySpace

Killing Songs :
Sodamned – Over The Meadow, Sky & Earth. Dark Celebration – Reversed Creation, Soul’s Harvester Machine, Infernal Legions
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