Reprisal Scars - Dead End Road
Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
4 songs (14.22)
Release year: 2008
Reprisal Scars
Reviewed by Aleksie
Reprisal Scars is a Finnish band with a little under five years of experience that has spanned four demos, this being their latest and last, according to the band. With a record company or with their own wallets, the next step for the band is going to be a full length album.

This determination can clearly be heard in the musical prowess contained within this disc. The players are all beyond capable with their respective instruments. The music doesn’t lend itself to noodling n’ doodling at any point, but the skill is best brought out in the unmistakable groove that most of the tunes provide. With the classic death/thrash-divide of this type of music, I’d say RS leans more towards the death-side, as mid-tempo seems to be the bands majorical choice of speed.

Resurrected opens the set up with a pretty crushing riff and some nice toms setting up a pulverizing feel. Overall the song is ok, but I think I would have liked something quicker to start the package off with a furious blast. Vocalist Teemu Kupari backs up the sonic aggression well with his growl, which is drenched heavily in the pool of guttural menace and throat-gargling evil.

Blinded Eyes kicks the tempo nicely up a notch with some Whoracle-scented Gothenburg-riffs and more punishing groovage (hmmm, probably not a word, but I like it!). As the band itself semi-seriously states “eurovision-metal with the pop pattern”. Color Of Violence is even slightly faster, and not surprisingly, my favourite track of the bunch. That guitar sound with likely some heavy flanger as an effect is very gripping. The ending title track is again fairly good with a great chorus and some searingly enjoyable heavy bass riffs in the middle, but could have used more of the double bass found in the end.

Production-wise, I couldn’t say that this is a mere demo. Everything sounds crisp and ready to crack some skulls. It is a severe injustice if showings like this demo doesn’t get a band signed, but if it goes to self-financing a record, than merely finding a distributor for a ready-made package shouldn’t be a hard task if quality is kept at a level like this.

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Killing Songs :
Color Of Violence
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