Dimension - Ego
Nightmare Records
Progressive Hard Rock / Metal
9 songs (67'56)
Release year: 2007
Dimension, Nightmare Records
Reviewed by Marty
Originally from Mexico, Dimension now makes it’s home in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Their first album Universal, was picked up for distribution by Nightmare Records. Dimension has now found a home and joins the ranks of many others on the roster of Lance King's Nightmare Records label. The band consists of just two musicians, Mane Cabrales (drums) and David Quicho (guitar/vocals) who not only writes all the band's music and lyrics, but also serves as the band's producer as well. Guest musicians are used for bass guitar, keyboards and stringed orchestration for this rather unique and different sounding progressive hard rock/metal band that not only knows how to sound modern and up with the times but also pays homage to some of the progressive rock greats of the past with their new album entitled Ego.

Often very technical in their approach to their music, Dimension doesn't short change the listener when it comes to chunky, heavy guitar riffs and an abundance of thundering drop D tuned guitars. Guitarist/vocalist David Quicho has a very tasteful lead guitar style with lots of lead guitar/synthesizer trade-offs as well as other more difficult riff styles, all the while being able to lay down some truly warm and colourful Steve Howe like volume pedal accents. The drop D tuning and very abstract style is very evident early on with the track Ancient Song. Using odd time signatures, some classic progressive rock elements and nice melodic hooks, this track is a strong showcase for what this band is all about. Tracks like Freedom Land and the three part title track Ego, all feature speedy and up-tempo extended instrumental breaks; something bands like Yes, ELP and Genesis pioneered back in the infancy of progressive rock in the early 1970s. Chaotic arrangements are frequent on this album with The Next In Line being a hybrid of speed, sludgy heaviness and very technical riff changes. The rather unique brand of heavy progressive rock that this band plays reminds me a little of Eldritch with its quirkiness yet the dreamy, “proggy” aspects bring bands like Spock's Beard and Arena to mind. The abundance of extended guitar and keyboard instrumental fills that may seem a little too self-indulgent for some, are actually some of the better aspects of this album. Although the music is very energetic and dynamic, it lacks cohesiveness in the song structures; an aspect that is very important to many fans of the progressive metal genre. David Quicho uses a rather dreamy vocal style and sounds a bit like David DeFeis (Virgin Steele) in his singing style. However, the vocals tend to take a back seat to the music with little attention to any real discernable choruses or "hooky" melody lines.

Dimension has a great sound a very unique one at that. There are lots of influences to attract fans of both modern progressive metal styles and of the more classic prog rock from the 70s. Possibly a bit too technical for some, others may revel in the complexity and chaos of some of the arrangements to be found on this album. High marks to the technical aspects but their music would so greatly benefit from not only a better vocal performance, but also a more effective overall interpretation of the lyrics, including more attention to melody. This would definitely attract and keep the listeners attention as although parts of this album are very cool to listen to, most of it just drifts by in a blur of technicality without much impact whatsoever. An interesting listen and lots of potential, this one's mainly for the purists in the genre.

Check out some song samples at their MySpace page

They are also on the bill for the first annual Nightmare Metal Fest to be held March 22nd and 23rd in New Port Richey Florida, U.S.A.

Killing Songs :
Ancient Song and Freedom Land
Marty quoted 68 / 100
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