Viikate - Marraskuun Lauluja 2
Spinefarm Records
Folk Rock/Metal
10 songs (39:05)
Release year: 2007
Viikate, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Joe

So here it long awaited review for the sequel to Finnish folk rockers Viikate's earlier album Marraskuun Lauluja 1. Not much need for any preamble as it's all in the earlier review, so I wont waste your precious time. does it stack up to its predecessor you say? Well its similar, yet different. Viikate have certainly tried their best to make things a little more diverse compared to the last album, most notably taking a more slower, chilled out style as opposed to the fast paced, rock style evident on Marraskuun Lauluja 1. That said, things aren't that black and white, suggesting one is a heavy album and one is a softer album, as they both carry traits that flow into each, it's just that one has slightly more than the other.

With all due respect to Viikate, it would be fair to say that the songs on this latest album are personally no where near the mark displayed on part 1. With regards to songwriting and overall catchiness and fun, part 2 feels much more serious and grim, although he could be singing about flowers and lollypops for all I know. In some ways you have to work harder to get into the songs, as they don't have that "hit you in the face" appeal that I found with part 1. Kerran could have appeared on part 1, but from there the songs enter a new realm, with most songs, especially Suravaippa, showing Viikate at their very bleakest. I don't believe this album has many standout tracks, unlike part 1, which was chock-a-block with them. The biggest standout on this album, being Ensimmainen Runo, just sounds fantastic and is constantly repeated again and again on my stereo, although I was slightly less in awe when I found out it was a cover of an Amorphis track called In The Beginning from their famous album Tales From The Thousand Lakes .

It wouldn't be that easy to say if you liked part 1, then you'll like part 2, because they remain very different albums. Marraskuun Lauluja 2 requires a lot more effort on the listener as there seems to be more depth in the songs, but I personally will always choose part 1 over this because the songs are just so much better. So overall, a very competent and interesting follow up to one of my favourite albums of 2007. A good choice by Viikate to make a different sounding album and not just a clone of part 1. Both are excellent, enjoyable albums but put simply, those in the mood for chill out folk rock will devour this without a doubt, but those with an appetite for folk rock with more of a kick should choose part 1 every time.

Killing Songs :
Nothing major, but Kerran and Ensimmainen Runo
Joe quoted 80 / 100
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