Infected Malignity - Re:bel
Death Metal
6 songs (21:56)
Release year: 2007
Infected Malignity, Anticulture
Reviewed by Goat

You’d be forgiven for assuming that Infected Malignity took more of an experimental style to its music upon learning that the band hails from Japan. After all, there are plenty of left-field artists from the Far East that take delight in twisting Metal into new forms, Sigh first and foremost among them. This EP sort of lives up to Mirai and co.’s example – although there’s very clearly a base in Brutal Deathcore of the sort that’s so popular these days, you wouldn’t think so from the acoustic strumming and echoing percussion that intro Waltz Of The Rebellion opens with. The song develops into a Prog-fuelled groover that verges on Noise Rock, and is an excellent introduction to the EP.

It’s less remarkable from then on, alas. Hardcore shouts and Cryptopsy-influenced aural chaos follow in the form of first song proper Fictitious Follower (And Conceit Man). Although the band is clearly skilled, the slightly murky production doesn’t help the more melodic moments, and the riffage is generally hard to make out clearly. The epic section in the middle is well placed, however, and immediately helps to elevate the band above the average.

The minute-and-a-half long Clear Sky Depicted By Wicked Artist follows, much in the same course, and there are few surprises in the other songs. Inequality/Fancy is worth a mention as, although slightly more ‘Corey, it welds the melody to the brutality better and is more memorable. Re:bel finishes with two five-minute-plus tracks, the heavy SND, enjoyably violent but, again, would be improved upon with a better production, and 83721600, which takes a more varied path to its destination.

If the band can build upon its experimental influences to make it more than just part of a faceless crowd, then there are possibilities here galore. One to keep an eye on.

Killing Songs :
Waltz Of The Rebellion, Inequality/Fancy, SND, 83721600
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