We Insist! - Oh! Things Are So Corruptible
Exile on Mainstream Records
Jazzy Rock
12 songs (49:16)
Release year: 2008
We Insist!, Exile on Mainstream Records
Reviewed by Goat
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Describing this album as ‘odd’ would be doing it a disfavour, that’s for sure. Hailing from France, We Insist! play a form of Noise Rock that’s heavily infused with Jazzy weirdness. Oh! Things Are So Corruptible is one of those albums that however many times you listen to it retains something indescribably different, a unique spark that makes each composition a joy to listen to, each and every time. Having been in existence for over ten years, this is We Insist!’s third album, and the band’s professionalism is clear from the first listen.

With a line-up that includes not one but two saxophonists, the band’s focus is quite clearly towards the Jazzy, but there’s more than enough riffing to keep Rock and even those Metalheads inclined towards the leftfield interested. With influences ranging from Queens Of The Stone Age to System Of A Down, Tool, and Primus, there’s much to take in, and a quick listen to the band’s MySpace (link below) may draw you in, but it won’t quickly let you go. This band, putting it simply, is unique, drawing on the above bands and more to produce something indescribably singular. If, perchance, you happen to dislike, say, System Of A Down, don’t let that put you off We Insist!, as there’s plenty of variation for everyone here.

This is not pop. There’s little that is catchy here on a first listen. You may pick up on some combination of riff and voice that’s appealing, but that’s down to you. Once you’ve imbibed this album so many times that it’s part of your lifestyle, however, the singular melodies and hooks will become obvious. We Insist! ultimately is an exploration of quirk, of exploring a weird and wonderful aural landscape, of deliberately being different to stand out from a modern Rock scene that is all too reliant upon formulas that are tried-and-tested to death.

Going through the songs and even attempting to pick out moments that will groove your soul and destroy your mind is pointless – this isn’t the sort of music that you can instantly mosh to. This takes time, like a virus, to work its way into your consciousness, to become more than the sum of its parts altogether. Ultimately, it’s a musical adventure like few others, one that you know will be dangerous but the end results are worth it. Oh! Things Are So Corruptible is ultimately the sort of music that will appeal to few, but those that it does touch will be marked forever. Highly recommended, but to a select audience.

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Goat quoted 90 / 100
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