Magnitude 9 - Reality In Focus
InsideOut Music
Melodic Prog Metal
10 songs (59'23)
Release year: 2000
Magnitude 9, InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Chris
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Wow, that's how an album is suppose to start. With a strong song, catchy and melodic to the bones, No Turning Back is a wonder of Melodic Prog Metal. Impressive musicianship is shown here in this first song (and through the rest of the album) and it announces a great album.

And a great album it is, the Dream Theater inspiration is certainly flowing in these guys veins... and that's good cause it gives us more Prog Metal the way it should be. I'm impressed with the song-writing skills of these guys, able to deliver an emotion packed yet almost atmospherical music from time to time, but without forgetting the roots of Heavy Metal music. The vocals are excellent, and what is often the weakness of many prog bands is a strength for Magnitude 9 with a vocalist able to sing amazingly well.

Amazing solos, great atmosphere, mind blowing vocals, strong riffs and excellent keyboards (not annoying for once :)) and you get the best prog release I've heard in years. Long songs, smart transitions, somewhere in the middle of Dream Theater and Vanden Plas music (my 2 fav. Prog Metal bands by the way). The production is quite good (although it could be stronger) and so is the artcover (at least you know it's gonna be prog metal when you hold the CD in your hands).

Congratulations, there's a new player in Prog Metal division. You like Dream Theater, Vanden Plas ? dream of a band in the same category ? well dream no more, cause Magnitude 9 are here and a new star is born. Prog Metal fans, a buy-or-die album !

Killing Songs :
All of them !
Chris quoted 93 / 100
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