Farsot - IIII
Lupus Lounge
Progressive Black Metal
7 songs (42:31)
Release year: 2007
Farsot, Lupus Lounge
Reviewed by Goat

Although German horde Farsot isn’t the zany wrecking crew that it thinks it is by having members named things like 3818.w and v.03/170 or calling their debut album IIII (the first of five to be released by Lupus Lounge, apparently) there’s no doubt that the band is a few steps left of the norm. This is certainly an intriguing listen, with a definite sense of Progressiveness that runs throughout, verging on Avant-Garde unpredictability but never quite hitting it.

The seven songs on the album verge between a less mechanical Blut Aus Nord, a less violent Marduk and Enslaved’s current Prog direction if the Norsemen included more Death Metal in the mix. It’d be easiest to compare IIII to later Satyricon, but this is both purer and more experimental, with clear aural links to the groovier likes of Tulus. There’s definitely a real mix of styles, as you can see, but it often seems that the band are still experimenting at this stage rather than being comfortable with the variety. Admittedly, the atmospheric side is near flawless, the creepy likes of Hass – Angst and Angst - Tod providing an interesting foil to the harshness of other songs. The band’s songwriting skill is hard to fault, too.

Although there are only four proper ‘songs’ on this album, they’re all of a high quality. Thematik: Angst has Proggy breakdowns between its explosions of furious Black Metal, whilst Thematik: Tod seems more Folk-influenced, with bass melodies and some particularly sickening vocal outbursts from 10.XIXt. It’s after the female choir on interlude Tod – Trauer that the highlight begins, however, the twenty-minute finale Thematik: Trauer. Melancholic riffs, frequent time-changes, breakdowns, acoustic interludes, they're all there, and it’s an excellent track that manages to keep your attention for the length of its running time.

All members are clearly skilled, especially R 215k’s drumming, and fans of non-traditional Black Metal everywhere will find much to like here. Farsot is a promising new face on the dark horizon, and with at least four more full-lengths promised the genre may well have a new legend on the rise. Definitely recommended.

Killing Songs :
Thematik: Tod, Thematik: Trauer
Goat quoted 84 / 100
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