Chaos Blood - Fragments Of A Shattered Skull
Siege Of Amida
Death Metal, Grindcore
10 songs (22:04)
Release year: 2007
Chaos Blood, Siege Of Amida
Reviewed by Goat

A short dose of English brutality, Chaos Blood surprises over the course of this 22-minute EP/album with a finely tuned sense of experimentalism. Although the majority of songs come in at around the one/two minute mark and are well-performed Death/Grind blastfests, the Progressive direction of the title track sounds like a completely different band, with solos and intricate drumming betraying the band’s skill.

This makes it difficult to review this band accurately, as it’s impossible to tell whether this is a Prog Death band coming into its own, or a technically-skilled Grind band screwing with your head, as would seem to be the case from the fifteen-second Shibiddy Bob. What isn’t in doubt is that the ‘heavy’ songs are all superb, short blasts that manage to pack in complexity and headbangable riffs by the bucketload, sounding technical and even Jazzy in places without losing the catchiness.

Without a doubt, Chaos Blood is worth looking out for, having the skill and sense of Death Metal culture that’s needed to make it in the genre without going Metalcore. Whichever direction the band decides to take its music, you can rest assured that it’ll be worth listening to. What more do you need?

Killing Songs :
Morbid Creation, Raised By Wolves, Fragments Of A Shattered Skull, Hillbilly Acid Test
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