October File - Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God
Hardcore, Post-Industrial
10 songs (55:19)
Release year: 2007
October File, Candlelight
Reviewed by Goat

It’s always a pleasure to follow a band from its early, demo days up to the point where there are deals with Candlelight in the works. October File deserve it, having put the work and effort in, not being afraid to experiment with its sound, along with simply being a damn good band. At heart a Hardcore band with that get-up-and-go driving sense of riffage as well as the skill and vision to conquer planets, these four guys have the potential to be very big indeed.

The moment that vocalist Ben introduces start-up track 21 Munitions Crusade with the words ‘the quickest way to end a war is to lose it’, you know you’re in for some powerful invective, and the band delivers, ushering in the next fifty minutes with some heavy yet inventive riffs, taking the base framework of recent Killing Joke and welding it to some impressively heavy riffing, with a pinch of mid-period Napalm Death. What kicks the band into the premier league is its epic punch, making each and every track a winner. It’s impossible that October File is anything but stunning live, such is the potent power of the writing, and though this is hardly the most technical display of musicianship you’ve ever heard, you’ll be too engrossed by the sheer intensity of the likes of High Octane Climate Changer (featuring an appearance by Jaz Coleman himself) that it won’t matter. The best bands impress by their obvious dedication to the art; such is the case here.

Although hardened Killing Joke fanatics may find the overall vibe a little close for comfort sometimes, such as the drumming in the title track, overall it’s more than fresh enough a take for it not to matter. Metalheads used to several hundred riffs a song may also find the repetitiveness of songs like Friendly Fire a little too much. Those used to Industrial or dance music will recognise its influence here, but the elitists should enjoy this as well, the distorted riffing and general heaviness of Blood And Sweat, to pick an example, having wide appeal.

There are a few surprises along the road, the near Progginess of A Sun That Never Sets and the Post-Rock strumming in So Poor being two example, but overall October File is a sharp, Punky shock that’ll earn more time on the playlist each time that you play it. You’ll most likely love the cover artwork too, produced by Surrealist Victor Safonkin. Think of it as a streamlined Cult Of Luna, more interested in kicking your head in than taking you on a build-and-release journey, and revel.

Killing Songs :
High Octane Climate Changer, Another Day, Friendly Fire, So Poor
Goat quoted 82 / 100
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