Asbestosdeath - Dejection, Unclean
Southern Lord
Crusty Stoner Doom
4 songs (19'48")
Release year: 2007
Southern Lord
Reviewed by Alex

This short EP is interesting if only for historical purposes alone. If you are into stoner doom, before there was Om and High on Fire, there was Sleep, but before there was Sleep, there was Asbestosdeath. The band only put out four tracks under this moniker changing into Sleep rather quickly, but all four of these tracks are reissued on a single compilation by Southern Lord. Not only the band was influential generating its own spawn, it seems that a lot of NoCal stoner doom (Totimoshi) has tapped into Sleep, and by its virtue into Asbestosdeath.

It seems that Asbestosdeath was meant to be a lot crustier affair than what followed later. These are the songs which those who claim “metal is all works of a drugged mind” can point out to. Tortuous twist onto LCD laced groove of the instrumental Scourge helps this composition’s ebb and flow. Nail starts off acoustic & percussive, nevertheless decidedly creepy, yet ends full of heavy sludge, Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus’ influences having crystallized with their distorted dementia.

Dejection, which came second, features cleaner vocals, a version of slowed down Motorhead, while the original Unclean if full of horrific yelps, and guitars going from dregs to jam in the span of one The Suffering, which begins almost celestially, only to ride out the meteor shower to its doomy mankind perishing prediction end.

Only for those who are curious to know where it all begun, or those who ten years from now want to be able to claim they own a cult item.

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