DoomSword - My Name Will Live On
Epic Battle/Doom Metal
9 songs (54.51)
Release year: 2007
DoomSword, Dragonheart Records
Reviewed by Jeff

My Name Will Live On is the fourth full length release from Italian doom metallists DoomSword. This five piece continues to play epic battle/doom/viking styled metal in the tradition of bands like Candlemass and Manowar. The current line up consists of Deathmaster (vocals), The Forger (guitars), Alessio "Sacred Heart" Berlaffa (guitars), Geilt (bass) and WrathLord (drums).

One of the most noticeable changes on this album from the previous two is the tempo. DoomSword have switched gears a bit. They mix slower, rowing across the sea paces with more horse galloping rhythms, which almost border power metal territory on a few songs.

Lyrically, DoomSword's songs deal with themes of ancient history and mythology. With the epic nature and structure of the music, several listens are warranted in order to really appreciate what this band is trying to convey to the listener.

A trait that I really like about DoomSword is their distinctive sound. For a band that has the word "doom" in it, their sound is not over saturated in distortion where the guitars are concerned nor are the drums bombastic and thunderous. And the vocals are sung with lots of power yet are clear enough, making it easy to comprehend the lyrics. There is also plenty of melody throughout the album, driven mainly by the lead guitar work..

Some of the highlights of My Name Will Live On are tracks like Gergovia. It's a song about a battle between Romans and Ghals and some nice sounding acoustic guitars at the beginning. Songs like Steel of My Axe and Days of High Adventure are two of the most up tempo Doomsword songs to date; both battle charged anthems of sorts with some aggressive guitar playing and pummeling double bass drums. Claidheamh Solais (Sword Of Light) is a mid paced track with a very memorable chorus and some flashy lead guitar work and Once Glorious is the longest and most epic sounding track on the album. Luni has some mesmerizing chants in it.

I don't like My Name Will Live On as much as Resound The Horn but do find it more impressionable than Let The Battle Commence.


Killing Songs :
Steel of My Axe, Days of High Adventure, Claidheamh Solais (Sword Of Light), Gergovia
Jeff quoted 75 / 100
Crims quoted 94 / 100
Alex quoted 85 / 100
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