Cydonia - Cydonia
MetalBlade Records
Melodic Speed Metal
9 songs (47'00)
Release year: 2001
MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

The first song ends and I am down on my knees. What the hell happened, who are those guys, where are they coming from?

First track, The King, an "hyper melodic" speed metal song, was in fact a fist in my face to wake me up and the second one, Legend In Time, is even faster and even more melodic. This will not continue ... is it? Third songs, Land Of Life, confirms my first impression and on forth song, there is no more doubt. A monster just landed, actually a mutant of one of my favorite metal band: EDGUY! Cydonia is a kind of Vain Glory Opera (Edguy) meets Return To Heaven Denied (Labyrinth).

Whooaww! You need a quick overview? Here we go. This is Edguy "boosted" with excellent guitar riffs, where keyboards are perfectly used and add more magic to their music. The production of Olaf Thorsen (yes ... Mr. Labyrinth) is simply excellent, perfect, unbelievable. What a sound!

Dan Keying (vocalist) is a "crossing mutant" of Kiske & Sammet. This is what I call a singer! Song-writting is excellent considering this is their first full record. Steve Sguario (guitarist) must use eight fingers per hand when it comes to riffs (it is sometimes going damned fast) From mid-tempo songs to more typical Helloween songs, first Cydonia's album is a big surprise for our ears. Hell yes I forgot : the chorus, mam' the chorus! They enter in your brain, they stay there forever!

There is one little mistake one this record: last song. This is a ballad! I thought they will end this record with another bombastic speed song and in fact they have decided to end with a ballad. A nice one for sure, but nothing new here.

Time runs quickly my dear readers. Who could even thought last year that Edguy can have a rival? The answer is Cydonia, the answer lies in this bombastic melodic speed metal album. What a pleasure for my ears! A must for all fans of Edguy & Helloween.
I said A MUST !!!

Killing Songs :
All ... but Legend In Time is my favorite one.
Danny quoted 88 / 100
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