Twilight Guardians - Sin Trade
Spinefarm Records
Melodic Power Metal
10 songs (41:56)
Release year: 2006
Twilight Guardians, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Joe
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Ahhh, Finnish power metal, where would we be without it? Probably in a state very similar to the one we’re in now, but there’s no denying the world would be a much darker place without those trademark rising choruses and distinctive keyboard melodies. Fairly new on the scene, coming in around 1998, it would be fair to say Twilight Guardians have never really been in the spotlight with regards to other Finnish power metal bands ala Stratovarius (overrated), Sonata Arctica (brilliant) or Thunderstone (same album every year). With their 3rd full length album, I doubt whether Sin Trade will change this fact, but then again it’s not trying to be the best album ever, it is what it is, a decent power metal album.

Not having heard anything from these guys previously, I can’t comment on any changes they might have gone through, but where I think Twilight Guardians differ from their Finnish counterparts is the fact that their music is a lot slower, more melodic and possibly heavier, while still retaining that unmistakable Finnish sound. The main difference I would say would be the vocals of Vesa Virtanen. Virtanen has a very distinctive and somewhat strange singing voice, quite a lot deeper and more mid range than other power metal singers. Although he does reach some high notes occasionally, he knows his limits and doesn’t do this often. I must stress that he sounds great and the music fits amazingly well with his voice. Keyboards are incredibly prominent with some great melodies and solos thrown in there. Every track has a certain something to it, although whether it’s more keys, less keys, faster, slower it does tend to sound all too similar at times. I really can't pin down a favourite or best track, whether that’s a good thing I’m not sure. Without a doubt there’s no filler tracks, everything earns its spot, but every time I listen to the album I’m never thinking “ohhh I can’t wait for this track” or “that was so good I’m gonna listen to it again”. Still sounds fantastic and Room of Shadow and Light is very enjoyable, as are all tracks, but it’s kinda like waking up from a dream: it sounds good when you’re listening to it but when you finish the album it starts to fade and you can’t really remember much about it. All that aside however, it really is an enjoyable album, it’s catchy and quite fun and contains many fantastic sing along choruses. Oh and a cheesy but well executed cover of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita is thrown in for good measure, although if you havn’t heard the original it could just be simply another track from the album.

Anyone with a taste for catchy, melodic power metal will most certainly enjoy it. Sin Trade is no where near the mark of other bands in the genre and I imagine it wont be spun on your CD player for a great deal of time, but when it’s on and it’s crankin, it’s fantastic heavy metal.

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Joe quoted 78 / 100
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