Pink Steel - Out At The Devil
Fistful of Love
Very Gay Parody Hair Metal
12 songs ()
Release year: 2007
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Reviewed by Jeff
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What's gayer than a birthday party at Rob Halford's house? Why it's Pink Steel, of course!

If anyone thinks these guys really practice what they preach, then you just don't get the joke and need to read between the lines! Pink Steel are a gay parody hair metal outfit who pretend to be from Germany but really reside in Brooklyn, NY. The band members are comprised of Udo Von DüYü (guitar, vocals), Hanson Jobb (vocals), Klaus Schave (bass) and Helmut Bang (drums). The music is 80's styled hair metal with tongue 'n cheek lyrics (no pun intended!) that deal with themes of everything and anything that is associated with being gay! These guys speak with fake German accents, sounding like Siegfried & Roy, and dress in leather and pink feather boas. When you take the visual aspect of what these guys look like and match it with the audio portion as far as the music and lyrics, you can't help but burst into laughter.

Out At The Devil is twelve tracks of very gay, parody hair metal. The music is actually quite good! It's full of catchy choruses and guitar riffs and some very funny lyrics. It's very reminiscent of 80's hair metal bands like Poison, Judas Priest and Guns 'N Roses with the comical approach of bands like Beatallica, The Rutles, Tenacious D and Spinal Tap. The vocals sound like a mix between Axel Rose from Guns 'N Roses and Jason McMaster from Dangerous Toys as well as David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap. The "German" accents are used during spoken introductions on some of the songs but are quickly lost when the singing starts. Check out songs like Sausage Party (the guitar riff on this song reminds of one similar to that of Motorhead's Love For Sale..."No girls, just boys. Gonna throw a sausage party that the men will enjoy".), Converter ( "You've got a boring life with some boring wife but I know deep inside your a liar....cause you go to the gym for the workout and watch Siegfried & Roy for the tigers".), I'm Coming Out (All Over You) ("I like to like it, I like to lick it, I love to love it all night. I like to get it, where I can stick it and if I'm tempted I might"), the progressed out GWAR influenced Frodonator (starts of as an acoustic ballad then kicks in with some up tempo metal riffing...."I've got a strange obsession with men and holes" and "these boots are made for Tolkein all over you"), Johnny, Are You Queer (an acoustical love ballad, sounds a little David Bowie-ish), Cock Fight (complete with some sounds of cocks fighting "in a ring late at night, a crowd of men see the sight, of two men going head to head"), More To Love ("Big boys need loving to. If you're a chubby one, I'll give it to you") and the hard cocking anthem, We Fight For Cock ("Cock is our business and business is good. Pack your sac cause we're going to war").

All in all, Out At The Devil, (a title that probably spoofs Motley Crue's Shout At The Devil), is a fun party album with a sense of humor. If you like parody bands like Beatallica, The Rutles, Tenacious D, Spinal Tap or even GWAR, then Pink Steel should be an easy choice! Prepare to rock with your cock out!


Killing Songs :
Sausage Party, We Fight For Cock, Frodonator
Jeff quoted 78 / 100
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