Dethklok - The Dethalbum
Williams Street Records
Ragnarok Metal
16 songs (52:10)
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Dylan
Major event
I’m not sure how to react. How could the only band in the world that actually matters only manage to peak at #21 on the Billboard charts? The masses have quite frankly just signed their death warrant; failing to realize that even though the number of Dethklok’s true fans fall in the tens of thousands (rather than the billions as previously estimated), they are rabid and devoted enough to slay those who stand in the way of the band’s inevitable domination, fueled entirely by Duncan Hills Coffee if need be. Because of this, I realize my very life is at stake for the blasphemy I am about to spit forth, yet I must speak the truth, however cold and brutal it may be. This is not the greatest, blackest, heaviest, or evilest metal ever released. At best, this epic release is one thing that not one band member has much, if any experience with: fun.

For all of you who have inadvertently injured your ears waiting for this release, I shall mercifully describe Dethklok’s sound for you. If the Vikings of old were to somehow mate with stale corpses, you would have a vague idea of what realm the band’s sound falls in (basically, it’s Amon Amarth mixed with Six Feet Under). Rather than play to their full capacity, guitarists Skwisgar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth opted to use short, chunky riffs that are quick and to the point. However, after 16 tracks, it becomes apparent that they only have one point to make and it can get dull in a short amount of time. There are only a few solos on the album, but when they do show up, they are speedy sweep-fests that range from impressive, to somewhat dull and forced. In any case, they simply do not last very long.

…And with that, I’ll cut it out. Most people reading this are familiar with the series, and have already made up their mind as to whether this is worth getting or not. Brendon Small has to be given credit for being able to be the mastermind behind the show’s animation, most of its voices, and all of its music (with a little help from Gene Hoglan on drums). The sound is mid-paced, sometimes melodic death metal that lasts for over 50 minutes. Like I mentioned before, it's basically like a slower, groovier version of Amon Amarth (with Bredon Small giving a great Johan Hegg impression in The Lost Vikings). The whole listening experience may be fun, but it’s not going to be nearly AS enjoyable if you are unfamiliar with the band’s show from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Highlights like Murmaider, Bloodrecuted, and Birthday Dethday are some of the slightly better ones on this album, and I feel their debut on the show has something to do with that. Face Fisted, Better Metal Snake, and Hatredcopter are among the new songs that have a hard time holding the listener’s attention, due in large part to the derivative characteristics that plague a good portion of this album.

Making an album that is solid enough to compete with the heavyweights in extreme metal however, will still take some work. Of course, that is assuming that making quality metal is an actual goal of his, rather than just making a product to capatilize on the popularity of the show. Hopefully Brendon Small will take it as a compliment that I didn’t treat this album any differently than I would with a release from a band made of three-dimensional members. He has to be given props for helping to make death metal that much more popular; even if he does so by making fun of how silly it can be.

Note: Below is a video for "Bloodrocuted". In time the video may become outdated and fail to play.

Killing Songs :
Murmaider, Birthday DethDay, and Bloodrocuted.
Dylan quoted 65 / 100
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