Crest Of Darkness - Project Regeneration
Listenable Records
"Cyberpunk" Black Metal
10 songs (38'07)
Release year: 2000
Crest Of Darkness, Listenable Records
Reviewed by Marc

The latest Crest Of Darkness is a unusual record. They have managed to take the usual satanic theme of norwegian black metal to a cyberpunk world (if you don't know the word "cyberpunk" you can think of it as science-fiction à la Blade Runner).

They do that by the use of samples and strange sounds as well as lyricaly. The result is a very dark horror/SF movie atmosphere (reminiscent of Cradle Of Filth, but in a futuristic way). Although some parts have fast tempo others are quiet and atmospheric. Some people are going to dislike some of the electronic elements, like the techno beat on the last song. Personally I found that very interesting and it wouldn't be really cyberpunk without a little industrial influence. On the vocal side, besides the whisperings of Ingar the nice voice of Kristin, the woman of the band, provides a more melodic singing.

I guess not everyone is going to like this album at first spin but if you like music that creates a strange and eerie atmosphere, this album is not be missed. My suggestion: listen to it in the middle of the night after watching a good horror movie!

Killing Songs :
A Place With No Memories, Hominis Nocturna, Soulhunter
Marc quoted 86 / 100
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