Devilhorn - Psychotic
Self Financed
Death Metal
4 songs (14.07)
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Aleksie
Devilhorn mixes up a mighty infectious package of death metal on their latest demo. They have a very potent mixture of taking Obituary-like grooves with more chaotic ramming of the Deicide-order. Vocalist Ville Ryöti has the Corpsegrinder Fischer school of guttural cookiedom in firm check and the lyrical side of the songs keep in line with appropriate bloodshed and skin removal.

The opening title track is a quick little fucker that feels perfect for keeping the pit rolling strong. Some of the riffs border on thrash on occasions but the vibes are overall deathy till the end.
I Wear Your Skin has a very fist-pumping opening riff that starts up the rocking feel that flows through the entire song. There is a definite Entombed-thing going on with the rock-element on this tune. More technical riffing and insidious melodic patterns in the background surely keep bedroom guitarists interested. The closing track I Walk Among Them brings back the thrashing mayhem and an energy that reminds me of the early works of The Haunted.

The production is excellent for a demo. Such work, and much worse, can be heard on many official label-endorsed releases. Each member of the band definitely has a skilled grasp of their instruments and the compositions maintain hookiness in them amidst all the brutality. For all fans of death metal, especially of the slightly older school variety, Devilhorn is a must-choice to find out about.

Killing Songs :
Psychotic, I Wear Your Skin, I Walk Among Them
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