Riff Master General - We Like That (Single)
Heavy Metal
2 songs (9'27)
Release year: 2000
Riff Master General
Reviewed by Chris

This is a single from a new band Riff Master General. Yeah I know strange name I thought too. Well, after thinking about it and also listening to their "We Like That" title I understood better. First their riffs and solos are REALLY impressive and catchy in the same time. Plus nowadays I guess you have to think about 1) an original name, 2) a free .com name so people can easily find you over the internet. They maybe are other reasons, but these are the one that came to my mind.

Anyway, We Like That is the coolest songs I've heard in years. The music is raw Heavy Metal with excellent twin guitar parts. The vocal is more a spoken way of singing but it fits the band and their music like a glove. The lyrics are funny and the song is one of the most catchy and addictive song I've ever heard, I'm singing "We Like That" everywere, in the shower, in the streets or at my job.

The second song is more serious than the first one, again excellent guitar for a cool atmosphere and solid heavy-metal ! The singing style haven't changed a bit but like I said before it fits the band. The chorus is a bit too weak for the subject or atmosphere that emenates from this 2nd song (very square). I guess the chorus lack melody and also some epic choirs would have helped a bit. I'm not trying to change it into a True Metal hymn neither... but it would have made a better impression during the chorus I think. Anyway, once again guitars are simply fantastic. Production is very good and the artcover speaks for itself (there's people on the balcony :) ).

A very cool promising band, that plays Fair and Square Heavy Metal. I'm looking forward to the full length album, and if I can make a little suggestion, a full singing style on some track could help it be a bit more accessible, but I have no idea if that's the band's intention. So my last words are : We Like That !

Killing Songs :
We Like That !
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