Warbringer - One By One The Wicked Fall
Self Financed
Classic Thrash Metal
5 songs (18:30)
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Mike
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Warbringer is a self proclaimed "violent thrash" metal band from Ventura, California. The band formed in 2004, but the lineup has seen a number of changes since that point. After recording two demos, Warbringer recorded their first EP in a mere 2 days in late 2006. Although the current lineup of the band differs from that of the EP, Warbringer will be touring this summer in support of their new EP. Fans of old school, 80's thrash should take at least a few minutes to listen to some sound clips from this EP. One By One, The Wicked Fall sounds like a lost release from the 80's that has just now made it to the light of day. Had I found this CD in a music store bargain bin with a date of 1986 on it, I would have absolutely no trouble believing that this is an 80's release. Warbringer plays thrash that is completely devoid of the "neo thrash" sound that exists today. Instead, the band delivers 5 songs that waste no time in going right for the kill with the ferocity and intensity of the 80's heyday of thrash metal.

One By Oneā€¦ is relentless in its velocity and energy. The sound may actually be too machine-gun like for some, but for purists of classic thrash, this is just what the doctor ordered. Any fan of old Exodus, Forbidden, Nuclear Assault, and even Destruction should find quite a lot to like about this album. Coming from California, you can expect to hear a heavy Bay Area thrash influence. In fact, the meat of the band's sound is absolutely grounded in the all stars of the Bay Area thrash scene. An nod toward to German thrash master Destruction can also be heard in Warbringer's sound as well. From the first note to the last, the energy level is cranked to the max. There are no mid tempo spots to catch your breath, just a constant wall of ass kicking sound that pounds at you for over 18 minutes. The guitar leads are intricate, yet speedy and are well complemented by furious rhythms. I even noticed a sped up, but very evident Iron Maiden influences on the lead rhythms of Hell on Earth and Road Warrior. Some very well performed dual guitar harmonies pop up from time to time, which are also Maiden-esque in nature. The middle of Road Warrior is the best example of this (near the 2:20 mark). Searing guiitar shredding and solos infiltrate each of the songs plentifully. The guitarist is not as quick fingered as a young Dave Mustaine, but this guy is certainly fast, intricate, and blazing with energy.

Vocalist John Kevill's repertoire combines a lot of screams with low, angry growls, and even some high shrieks as the particular song calls for at any given moment. No matter what delivery, Kevill's vocals are always intense and furious, meshing well with the music backing him up. His ability to mix it up behind the mic is a welcome element of the sound, especially since the music maintains the same (but excellent), full throttle attack from start to finish. The drumming sounds like a freight train rolling downhill with cut brake lines, but does not become repetitive or stale at any time. Occasionally, the drumming becomes so fast that it sounds a bit rough around the edges, but in such a way that it enhances that old school thrash sound as opposed to sounding like a miscue. One thing that I really appreciate about this band aside from the old school sound, technical skills, and excellent songwriting is the youthful fire and aggression that emanates from their music. You can tell that these guys had a blast creating this music, and there is absolutely no "going through the motions" anywhere near this EP.

One By One The Wicked Fall is one of the purest 80's sounding thrash releases that I've heard from a new band in a long, long time. The definition of thrash metal seems to have changed substantially in the two decades since thrash metal's heyday, but Warbringer are here to remind us what thrash metal truly sound like. If you have any interest at all in classic thrash metal, then you need to check this band out.

Killing Songs :
Total War, Shoot To Kill, Hell On Earth, Road Warrior, Beneanth The Waves
Mike quoted 80 / 100
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