Destiny's End - Transition
MetalBlade Records
Power Metal
10 songs (55'10)
Release year: 2000
MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny

After their good debut album Breathe Deep The Dark, the follow up Transition arrives. With such a title, you could expect a transition between their power metal style to another one. Not really, as the core music trademark of Destiny's End is still here: powerful, fast, melodic and their attachment to the fast rhythm hasn't change. First song Transition, in the vein of Running Wild, is the follow-up of what we have heard previously.

What has changed actually is the structure of their songs (was transition the right word to use?). More breaks, different atmospheres in the same songs and a huge improvement in the song writting! Musically it is a killer: full of tempo, guitars riffs reminding old Maiden, melodic guitar solos flooding from everywhere. This power metal is full of rhythm, thundering bass and the drummer is knocking like a monster. The guitar parts are excellent and at the end, I can say these guys feel affection for Iron Maiden, no doubt about it.

May be to much actually! Even the singer try sometimes (always?) to sing like Bruce. I say try because he doesn't succeeded at all. This is the weak point of Destiny End's. Don't misunderstand me: Rivera knows to sing and impresses me when his vocals rise high like Halford. On the other hand, when he try to sing like Bruce Dickinson, he is sometimes out of tunes. He should sing with his own vocals and quality, like he does perfectly on some songs. What a shame! May be Joe Floyd (co-producer), who has worked with Bruce and Halford, influenced too much Rivera in some way. Who knows?

Inspired, convincing, extremely metal, melodic and powerful. With each track being a surprise, Destiny End's Transition is a good power metal piece, with strong catchy hooks. The cover art (excellent!) and the lyrics deal both with the theme of human kind's evolution in the past and the future. The production is almost perfect and the mix was put in the hands of Achim Kohler (Primal Fear, Sinner, Silent Force). Just after the recording of Transition, a line up change took place: Perry Grayson left the band and has been replaced by Eric Halpern. New line up, new record, new story.

The competition in the melodic power metal scene is considerable and this record might still leave them in anonymity. If the singer can improve even more and if the quality of the song writting continues, the third album could open them the first division. Fans of power metal, melodic guitar riffs and solos "à la" Iron Maiden, check this one.

Killing Songs :
Transition, The Watcher
Danny quoted 77 / 100
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