Dreamland - Eye For An Eye
Melodic True / Power Metal
11 songs (43'39)
Release year: 2007
Dreamland, Dockyard 1
Reviewed by Marty
Dreamland's Future's Calling was one of my surprises of the year in 2005. They managed to capture the true essence of the first two Hammerfall albums but also infused lots of killer melody and solid musicianship in a true metal/ power metal sound that showed such a maturity, it was hard to believe that it was a first album. The added backing vocals by Hammerfall's Joacim Cans further accentuated the strong resemblance in sound between these two Swedish bands. With their ever so important sophomore release, Dreamland has once again employed the services of both Joacim Cans and veteran guitarist/producer Andy Laroque (King Diamond) for their new album Eye For An Eye. New to the band is drummer Jesse Lindskog, who also pounds the skins for Dragonland, replacing departing drummer Marcus Skold.

The title track Eye For An Eye gives the listener a first hand look at just how closely the sound of Dreamland resembles that of Hammerfall. The true metal HF style is ever present in all it's glory with thick driving riffs which are all part of an overall very well crafted heavy metal sound. Vocalist Jake E. has a very strong voice; much in the same range of Joacim Cans with many of the choruses having the classic Hammerfall touch. With a mix of galloping rhythms, fast double bass-fueled power metal and lots of melody, Dreamland offers up an album that is more like a tribute to the classics in the true metal / power metal genre. Tracks like Reverse Deny and the album closer Revolution In Paradise (complete with death metal vocal refrains) show a slower pounding heavy style but with more of a melodic twist. Chosen Ones and Forever and Ever pretty much rehash the typical fist-pumping, gang chorus style of Hammerfall whereas tracks like Carousel Of Pain and Children Of Tomorrow take on more of an 80's L.A. style of metal with some Dokken and even Motley Crue influences. Faster and charging Euro power metal is on the table for Secret Signs and Shadows Of The Night, a track that shows strong Last In Line Dio era similarities with the main riffs.

Although they are not really directly ripping anyone off here with their music, one can't help but feel that this has all been done and heard before. "Unique" is a phrase that will never be used to describe this band. This by no means undermines the quality of the music and talent of Dreamland. All the tracks have great thick riffs, a very solid and precise arrangement and a killer metal sound. A couple of tracks fall a bit short but it is mainly due to weaker vocal melodies otherwise, the choruses are very strong and I like Jake E's voice very much. Guitarists Johan Eriksson and Eric Rauti are a stellar team and offer up some great, inventive riffing and chordal progressions all combined with lots of pull-offs, harmonized lead work and just about everything else that you could ever ask for and want in a metal band. This summer, Dreamland will be making a pivotal appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival with Eye For An Eye due for full world-wide release during June and July. For fans of traditional "true metal" as well as bands like Nocturnal Rites, Thunderstone and Hammerfall, especially those who long for the sound of the Glory To The Brave and Legacy Of Kings albums, this band is deliberately tailor-made just for you.

Killing Songs :
Eye For An Eye, Reverse Deny, Shadows Of The Night and Revolution In Paradise
Marty quoted 80 / 100
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